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    Quincy MacShane ’17 brings new life to Nancy Drew with help from a Kickstarter campaign

    “Nancy Drew is a timeless role model,” says the 16-year-old creator on her Kickstarter page. “The Nancy Drew Board Game is a continuation of the beloved book series, meant to celebrate, and educate kids about, one of literature’s most empowering characters… She is smart and resourceful – she has a real sense of drive – and she solves mysteries that no one on the police force can solve. Nancy empowered me to create this game and I feel like it is my duty to share her energy with other young girls as well.”

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    Travel Opportunities for Hotchkiss Students

    Through participation in language immersion, travel, and community service programs across the planet, Hotchkiss students can build on what happens in the classroom here in Lakeville. Whether through a Hotchkiss faculty-led program or an opportunity through Round Square or the Global Education Benchmarking Group, students can expand their horizons during the school year or summer break.

  • Biomass facility wins American Architecture Award

    Centerbrook Architects has received the 2014 American Architecture Award for its design of the Hotchkiss School Biomass Heating Facility. Given out jointly by the Chicago Athenaeum’s Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre based in Greece and Ireland, the award honors “new and cutting edge design.”

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