Faculty Positions

The Hotchkiss School is a boarding community. Full-time teaching candidates have residential responsibilities and are generally housed in apartments attached to student dormitories. In addition, all full-time faculty members coach or supervise in the athletic or extracurricular programs at a level consistent with their interests and abilities. The nature of these responsibilities will be negotiated with the dean of faculty.

Salaries are competitive and benefits include housing (with utilities) and meals when school is in session. The School also offers excellent health and retirement benefits, including participation in TIAA-CREF. Generous funding is available to support advanced degree work and participation in professional conferences, workshops, summer study, and travel.

Candidates for all faculty positions should email a letter of interest, résumé, list of three references, and academic transcripts to:
     Dr. Thomas Flemma
     Dean of Faculty
     The Hotchkiss School
     11 Interlaken Road
     Lakeville, CT 06039-2141
     email: teachingjobs@hotchkiss.org
     phone: (860) 435-3185
     fax: (860) 435-8056

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Teaching Fellows Program

The Hotchkiss Teaching Fellows Program is a two-year program designed to provide exceptionally promising young teachers an introduction to a career in education in a highly supportive environment.  Designed for those who are new to teaching or have limited experience as teachers, the Teaching Fellows Program combines in-depth teaching and residential life experience, collaborative learning opportunities with fellows from other boarding schools, and University of Pennsylvania graduate coursework.

Hotchkiss Fellows teach and are actively involved in all aspects of the School’s programs both as residential advisors in the dormitories and as coaches for two seasons (or the equivalent).  Fellows will work closely with Hotchkiss mentors in their academic disciplines and other aspects of school life.  A bachelor’s degree in the academic area in which the intern will teach (or a closely related subject) is required. Experience as a tutor, teaching assistant, student teacher, etc. is desirable, but not necessary.

Hotchkiss typically hires four Teaching Fellows (for each two-year cycle) for a position in most of our academic departments—Visual and Performing Arts, English, History and Social Science, Mathematics, Classical and Modern Languages, and Science—and occasionally in non-academic departments including the Library, Admission and Athletic Offices.

Penn Residency Masters in Teaching
After two years the fellows will have earned invaluable teaching experience at Hotchkiss and a MSEd from the University of Pennsylvania.  The program will be concurrent with two years of residential teaching and involve a week of work at Penn in each of two summers, online work with the entire cohort of 20-25 fellows from all the schools, one weekend a term at one of the consortium schools with the Penn faculty, course work with a mentor at Hotchkiss as well as the regular duties of teaching fellows described above. 

More information on the Penn Residency Masters in Teaching program can be found at: http://www.gse.upenn.edu/boarding/ and the Penn Teaching Fellows brochure.

We have concluded our hiring for the 2015-16 school year. I encourage you to check our website after mid-January, 2016, to see if we will be hiring more Teaching Fellows in your area of expertise.

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Staff Positions

A boarding school is a complex place. As the adult members of the Hotchkiss community, we are all responsible in our own way for the growth and development of the students entrusted to our care. Each of us has a unique set of responsibilities, but we share a commitment to bring expertise and energy to all that we do. As with the faculty, for many staff members working at Hotchkiss is not a job, it is a vocation. In selecting candidates for employment here, we look not only for exceptional talent and expertise, but also for a high level of commitment and loyalty. In return, Hotchkiss provides its employees with an exceptional benefits package and competitive salaries.

Candidates for staff positions should send an application along with a cover letter and résumé to:
     Human Resources Department
     The Hotchkiss School
     11 Interlaken Road
     Lakeville, CT 06039-2141
     email: hroffice@hotchkiss.org

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Summer Program Positions

We are accepting applications for the 2014 Hotchkiss Summer Portals summer session, which will take place from June 22 to July 27, 2014.

General inquiries may be directed to:
     Mrs. Christie G. Rawlings
     Director of Admission and Residential Life
     Hotchkiss Summer Portals
     The Hotchkiss School
     11 Interlaken Road
     Lakeville, CT 06039-2141
     email: summer@hotchkiss.org

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