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Hotchkiss offers SAT testing on campus at designated times throughout the year and provides transportation to off-campus testing sites for the ACT and other standardized exams.

Test prep is available on campus through High End Test Prep. Students also have access to two online services:

  • My College QuickStart, useful for college planning.
  • Method Test Prep offers both SAT and ACT preparation. This program provides self-paced instruction, including video and audio tutorials, practice quizzes, and full-length tests. Students can access Method Test Prep by logging into the Student portal.

More about the SAT Subject Test

General Testing Timeline

October: Seniors may take SAT Reasoning or SAT Subject Tests (consult college advisors). Upper mids take PSAT.

November: Seniors take may SAT Reasoning or SAT Subject Tests. Listening exams for SAT modern language subject tests are offered only in November.

  • December: Seniors may take SAT Reasoning or SAT Subject Tests.
  • January: Upper mids (and some seniors) may take SAT Reasoning Test.
  • May: AP exams administered. Upper mids take SAT Reasoning Test.
  • June: Upper mids (and some preps and lower mids) may take SAT Subject Tests.

Note: Prior to January of their upper mid year, students are not excused from Saturday classes to take standardized testing.

Testing Registration

For SATs, register at; for the ACT, go to


Standardized Testing News

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Director of College Advising

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