The Hotchkiss Faculty

At Hotchkiss, we believe that education is the means by which we both discover our world and contribute to its transformation, and that one’s education is best pursued in the company of others, for others’ benefit as well as one’s own. The broad standards of excellence to which people, schools, and nations aspire are never achieved in isolation. We believe that lives lived mindfully in common—with one another, near and far; with the environment, locally and globally—will be healthy, consequential, and worthwhile. Our approach to teaching and learning affirms our belief in the mutual dependence of the School’s people, practices, and surroundings, and of the School’s relationship with the world.

In keeping with this project, our teachers seek to:

  1. Train students in a range of critical academic and intellectual skills;
  2. Help students to develop honor and integrity;
  3. Teach students to engage with others productively and peacefully;
  4. Nurture students’ ambitions and healthy pursuit of excellence;
  5. Balance tradition and innovation such that Hotchkiss remains true to its enduring values and relevant to the needs of its current student body.

We expect all members of our educational community to be:

  1. Devoted to our tenets of scholarship and citizenship;
  2. Honest, honorable, and empathetic;
  3. Able to examine and take responsibility for their beliefs and behavior, respectful of the consequences that attend both;
  4. Willing to avoid perfectionism and risk failure in the pursuit of wisdom;
  5. Committed to global literacy, environmental stewardship, and active service.

We intend to foster a community in which students learn to read, write, observe, calculate, research, analyze, innovate, speak, listen, imagine, laugh, cry, collaborate, and dare—and in the process prepare for the challenges they will encounter in college and the world.

We also intend to foster a community in which adults, inspired by a sense of shared purpose, work consciously together to model, as often as is possible, a collective engagement with life that we wish for our students to emulate.

Faculty Positions

If you are a teacher looking to build or continue your career in an environment filled with opportunity, we invite you to join us at The Hotchkiss School.

Please direct resumes and inquiries to our Dean of Faculty, Dr. Thomas Flemma. Current information about open positions is also available on the Employment Opportunities page of this Web site.

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Faculty Facts

For every five Hotchkiss students, there is one teacher.

The Hotchkiss faculty numbers 156 women and men, a great many of whom hold advanced degrees in their field.

On average, the faculty has more than 18 years of experience in the field of education.

Hotchkiss gives faculty members every opportunity to develop their skills and scholarship, notably through a generous $150,000 budget for summer grants and research. Approximately 70% of our faculty members live on campus.

Faculty families and pets are very much a part of Hotchkiss life.