Alum of the Month

Alum of the Month
  • November 2014: William "Sandy" Goodman V '81

    William Ernest “Sandy” Goodman V ’81 recently retired from the financial industry after 29 years, the past 19 with Western Asset Management Company of Pasadena, California. He now plans to direct his time, experience, and enthusiasm to more philanthropic pursuits. One such pursuit is the Movember Foundation, a global organization with its broadly defined goal of “changing the face of men’s health.” Goodman has been named the MoMo at Movember (the individual who has raised the MOst MOney in the U.S.) for the past five years, and he plans on “6-peating” this accomplishment again this November!

    Goodman grew up in New York City and came to Hotchkiss via the Buckley School. After Hotchkiss, he went to the University of Colorado, Boulder, graduating in 1985, and then returned to New York for two years to work on Wall Street. Thereafter, “I had a professional opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach, CA, where I still live today with my wife, Bridgette, and three sons, Sixer, Dylan, and Logan.”

    In 2004, a family crisis impacted Goodman’s life dramatically. “My nephew, Taylor, was injured in a diving accident that left him paralyzed. The accident changed not only Taylor’s life forever; it changed mine, too. I became acutely aware of the impermanence of all things and, over time, the importance of living a meaningful life — of living a life with meaning. After Taylor’s accident, I got involved with Swim With Mike, a wonderful organization that provides scholarships to physically challenged athletes like Taylor. I quickly realized the importance of getting involved and giving back, and I really enjoyed doing it.”

    In 2008, another family crisis served as the impetus for Goodman to become involved again. “I learned that my father-in-law was terminally ill with prostate cancer because he ignored his high PSA score. Most men have a 1-in-6-chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I learned that with screening and action, prostate cancer is potentially curable. I also came to the realization that my three sons now had a family history to worry about. Statistically, this meant that one of them would face prostate cancer someday, so I took action and got involved with Movember.”

    Movember raises awareness of and funds for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues. Each November (AKA Movember), millions of men (AKA Mo Bros) sign up at and grow their Moustaches (AKA Mos) to spark conversations and raise awareness and funds to “change the face of men’s health.” So far, Movember has raised more than $559 million and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries!

    Goodman does all he can to increase awareness and promote annual testing because “knowledge is power, prevention is everything, and early detection is key,” and he says he is “flattered that Hotchkiss has chosen me as Alum of the Month because it allows me a platform to spread awareness to Hotchkiss alumni! Please get checked or have the men in your life get checked annually.”

    Likening the moustache to the pink ribbons used to call attention to breast cancer for women, Goodman says, “our moustaches are walking billboards for 30 days that spark conversation, which is important because, traditionally, men have been uncomfortable talking about health issues.” His motivation is reflected in these remarks from last year’s campaign launch: “Here we MO again! I support MOvember through my actions and my MOney because MOvember is a fun approach to serious problems. Men’s health issues are all serious problems that we should all be aware of and comfortable talking about. Over 1 million MOs around the world are igniting conversations and raising awareness, and 84 cents of every dollar raised is going towards programs that are combating prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health problems. I am passionate about MOvember because I want to change the face of men’s health so that my father-in-law can receive better care and so that my sons can beat the odds!”

    When asked about his “MoMo” title and his status as the most successful fundraiser in the U.S. for the past five years, Goodman says, “I am fortunate to have generous friends! I send ten emails a year to several hundred friends, with different messages throughout the campaign – mostly aimed at thanking them but also to heighten their awareness of important developments.”

    Goodman has also been asked to help form a U.S. Advisory Committee for Movember. “There’s work to be done to build awareness of the campaign and increase participation, which in turn powers the programs to be funded. Through Movember funding, researchers were able to identify 30-plus types of prostate cancer. This discovery will soon answer the agonizing questions facing men with prostate cancer: does their cancer need immediate treatment or should it be monitored by them and their physician.”

    For Goodman, his work with Movember was a big part of his inspiration to retire from the bond business and invest in, and work with, companies that are giving back. “I am interested in getting involved with and supporting companies who understand that they can make money AND do good at the same time. Silicon Beach, near where I live, is ground zero to many such start-ups, and it is an exciting time for me to be exploring new possibilities.”

    Hotchkiss remains very important to Goodman “for introducing me to so many of my best friends in life and for teaching me life-lessons that have shaped who I am and who I want to be.” He adds, “I often think back on my time in [Geoff Marchant and Blair Torrey’s] English classes, and the lasting influence their teachings had on me.” As he is heading in new directions, he is reminded of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” (“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”) because now, “ages and ages hence,” he might actually be able to come back and “travel both.” And, speaking of great MOustaches, Goodman says, “I have to tip my hat to Mr. Mar, not only for his ever-present and epic Mo, but also for those lessons that stayed with me over the years.”

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    Posted November 1, 2014

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