Board of Governors

Dear Alumni,

The Board of Governors is the executive committee of the Alumni Association, of which all Hotchkiss alumni are automatically members. Our purpose is to serve our fellow alumni by creating dynamic, educational, fun events and programs. We hope you will contact us to see how you can play a role in shaping programs that allow Hotchkiss to continue playing an important part of your life.


Edward Greenberg ’55
President, Alumni Association

Our Mission

The Hotchkiss School Alumni Association strives to serve its members and to advance lifelong love of learning, responsible citizenship, and personal integrity.

The Association encourages its members to support and promote the School; it works to create a community of trust and respect that values lifelong relationships and shared experiences; and it fosters open communication, cooperation, and involvement among all people connected to Hotchkiss.

The Board of Governors develops and implement programs, projects, and initiatives:

(a) to establish and maintain among its members valuable and lasting relationships and shared experiences;
(b) to advance members’ love of learning, responsible citizenship, and personal integrity;
(c) to foster communications and cooperation among members, students, faculty, and friends of the School;
(d) to encourage member involvement in Association and School activities;
(e) to promote the general welfare of the School;
(f) to support the overall goals of the Alumni and Development office, and the goals of the Alumni Relations department; and
(g) to otherwise serve the membership and the School as it deems appropriate.


To bring together and strengthen the alumni of color community and to provide support for students of color on campus.

Committee Members:
Nichole Phillips '89, Chair
Annika Lescott '06
Emily Pressman '98
Bryan Small '03
Sheria Smith '01

2015-2016 Meetings

Board of Governors
October 23-24, 2015 (on-campus)
February 8, 2016 (New York City)
May 13-14, 2016 (on-campus)

The Alumni Association
Annual Meeting

(open to all alumni)
Saturday, June 11, 2016

Board of Governors

2015 - 2016 Membership
Ed Greenberg '55 President
Christina Bechhold '03
  Vice President; Chair,
  Nominating Committee

Miriam Gelber Beveridge '86
   VP and Co-Chair, Gender

Sirin Bulakul '06
Doug Campbell '71 P'01
   Secretary and Chair,
   Subcommittee of the
   Nominating Committee

Adam Casella '06
  Vice President

Nathalie Pierrepont
  Danilovich '03
Mark Gall '59
Peter Gifford '93
Caldwell Hart '87, P'16
Keith Holmes '77
   VP and Co-Chair, Gender

Annika Lescott '06
Barrett Lester '81
Nisa Leung Lin '88
Paul Mutter '87
Nichole Phillips '89
  VP and Chair, Alumni
  of Color Committee

Emily Pressman '98
Chip Quarrier '90, VP and
  Chair, Communications

Casey Reid '01
William Sandberg '65
Tom Seidenstein '91, VP and
  Chair, Alumni Services

Bryan Small '03
Sheria Smith '01
David Tan '91
Michael Thompson '66
Carolyn Toolan '97

Ex-officio Members
G. Peter O'Neill
Interim Head of School
Katie Berlandi '88
Past President, Alumni Association

Dan Pullman '76
Past President, Alumni Association

Stephanie Bowling Zeigler '84
President, The Hotchkiss Fund
Jeannie Weinberg Rose '80
President, Board of Trustees

Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws
       (PDF, approx. 124K)
       Last revised June 2014