Electronic Books and Journals

The following reference resources are available to the Hotchkiss Community and are reserved for on-campus use only. For free access resources, please scroll down the page or click here.

Library Subscription Access

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is an online journal whose mission is to educate citizens about global security concerns, especially the continuing dangers posed by nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. Feature articles cover such topics as the international weapons trade, analysis of the causes of world conflict and nuclear weapons statistics.

Cambridge Histories Online
Provides full text browseable and searchable online access to the complete 250-plus volumes of Cambridge Histories reference series. Provides political, economic and social history, philosophy and literature of selected countries and subjects.

The Concord Review
A quarterly journal that publishes the research papers of secondary school students.

This resource outlines the lives and careers of authors from all eras and genres and summarizes the critical response to their work; each entry contains personal information, a list of principal works, and further readings about the author.

eBooks on EBSCOhost —This database offers full-text eBooks from more than 60 eBook collections from the world's most renowned publishing houses. Searchable subjects range from Reference to History and from Health to Literature.

EBSCOhost Book Collection: Nonfiction — Book Collection Nonfiction is an eBook repository of 4,100 popular nonfiction books from top American publishers. There are full-text books with abstracts.

Encyclopedia of American Business
This encyclopedia focuses on the terms, concepts, and associations that one is most likely to encounter in business, making it a great place to start learning about how businesses operate and what the primary and different features of specific business-related functions or ideas mean.

Harrison's Internal Medicine
The full-text e-book version of the leading textbook in the field of internal medicine, fully browseable and searchable. Single user site licence.

The History Cooperative —This database is a collection of 25 scholarly history journals, including The American Historical Review and the Journal of American History. The University of Illinois Press created this free full-text database. The site also contains conference proceedings and the Booker T. Washington Papers.

Nature Online is a weekly international journal publishing peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology.  This online version of the print journal has coverage from 1997 to the present issue.  The online site also features a weekly podcast, news and research highlights.

Salem History — Salem History is a reference database that contains The Decades Series (the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s sets) and Milestone Documents in American History: Exploring the Primary Sources that Shaped America. The database is fully searchable by keyword or browsed by subject. Print volumes located in the Reference Collection.

Free Access

Google Books —This free database allows you to search for any book in the world. Reference pages allow you to see all the pertinent information, including where you can borrow the book or read it for free online.

Google Scholar — Google Scholar is a collection of scholarly books, articles, papers, and dissertations. Some of the material is found full-text. Google will give the user a snippet of the material where the search was found in item. It offers full citations, links to Google Book, and links to full-text articles found in JSTOR and Project Muse. Finally, if the item is not full-text, Google Scholar provides a library search through WorldCat.

Project Gutenberg —This is a collection of 38,000 free eBooks. Project Gutenberg is similar to Google Books with the majority of the titles from before 1923. —This is a collection of close to 29,000 free eBooks. Many of the titles are from before 1923. The books must be downloaded to view in full-text.

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals —Created by Lund University Libraries, this is a collection of 7,611 free full-text journals. The majority of the journals are scholarly, with a focus on the sciences. The coverage of the journals is from the last fifteen years.

eScholarship —This repository is part of the California Digital Library created by the University of California. eScholarship is a collection of free full-text articles, working papers, seminars, and peer-reviewed journals.

Find Articles —This is a collection of full-text free journals and the subjects range from Reference and Technology, to the Economy and Health.