The European Industrial Revolution

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Great Britain

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Database/Online Resources

EBSCOhost Advanced Placement Source This database is a collection of full-text articles from over 6,100 journals. The articles are a mix of scholarly journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. Advanced Placement Source contains over 400 journals that focus on the humanities. EBSCOhost has the ability to search by Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Historical Abstracts  — This resource contains over 500,000 bibliographic entries from 2,000 journals. The historical coverage of Historical Abstracts is world history from 1490 to the present (excluding United States and Canadian History, which is found in America: History and Life). There are some full-text links to articles through the History Cooperative, JSTOR, and Project Muse.

JSTOR JSTOR is short for Journal Storage. JSTOR is a collection of over 900 full-text scholarly journals. JSTOR contains complete backfiles for each journal with a moving window that averages around 5 years. This means JSTOR, for a particular journal, will have the journals first issue up until about five years from now. Subject areas vary in JSTOR, but its main focus is on the humanities, with over 50 journals that focus on history.

Project Muse Project Muse is published by John Hopkins University. Muse is a collection of over 300 full-text scholarly journals. The coverage in Muse is current. Most of the journals’ coverage is five to ten years. As with JSTOR, Project Muse focuses on the humanities, with close to 50 journals that focus on history. Muse has the ability to search by Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Oxford Reference Online Premium — This database lets the student search over 100 Oxford University Press reference books at the same time. European History titles include: A Dictionary of British History, The Oxford Companion to British History, and The Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science.


Cotton Times: Understanding the Industrial Revolution — Doug Peacock. This site offers a comprehensive look at the rise of the textile industry in England during the Industrial Revolution. Each section provides information on every aspect of the textile industry. There is also links and bibliography page.

Industrial Revolution & The Railroad System — Mount Holyoke College. This collection focuses on the rise of the railroad in England. It shows the impact the railroad had on the Industrial Revolution and society as a whole. There is a good collection of illustrated London News articles on the rise of the railroad.

The Internet Modern History Sourcebook: The Industrial Revolution — Fordham University. This resource contains a large collection of primary and secondary sources about the Industrial Revolution. Besides resources on the technological advances, this site has section on Social/Political Effects and Literary Responses.

Revolutionary Players — New Opportunities Fund. Revolutionary Players focuses on the West Midlands of England from 1700 to 1830. The West Midlands became an important region of advancement in science, technology, and culture during the Industrial Revolution. Revolutionary Players explores the Industrial Revolution in four areas: time, place, people, and theme.

Victorian Britain — British Broadcasting Company (BBC). This resource provides in-depth coverage of the Industrial Revolution in England. The website has links to articles and interactive material.

The Victorian Web: The Industrial Revolution—University Scholars Program. This website provides a brief overview of the Industrial Revolution in England. Each section offers a collection of additional resources and a bibliography.

Photographs of the Koehler Strike and the Early Locomotive are from Brooklyn College’s Modern History Image Bank. (