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Located in the scenic Berkshire-Taconic landscape in the quiet northwest corner of Connecticut, The Hotchkiss School is a community in which faculty and staff members build careers and grow as professionals. We seek to identify, recruit, and develop faculty and staff members who bring a diversity of experiences, perspectives, talents, and backgrounds. Collectively, we are dedicated to supporting the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of 600 students who come from around the country and the world.

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Candidates for staff positions should send an application by mail or email to:

Human Resources Department
The Hotchkiss School
11 Interlaken Road
Lakeville, CT 06039-2141

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Why work at Hotchkiss?

“The cycle of starting anew each year, with new students and fresh challenges, makes Hotchkiss a dynamic and rewarding place to work.”


Assistant to Class Deans

"Hotchkiss consists of exceptionally bright and ambitious students. I enjoy inviting them into the Theatre and asking them to grapple with the unfamiliar: embracing vulnerability, valuing the process as well as the product, and striving for Truth."


Instructor in English

“Working alongside other members of the community to support the academic, athletic, artistic, residential, and environmental activities of the School is incredibly fulfilling both personally and professionally.”


Director of Information Technology Services

“I love working at Hotchkiss almost as much as I loved my experience as a student here. My job allows me to meet dozens of new people every year.”


Associate Director of The Hotchkiss Fund