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Speech and Debate

COST: $2,800
DATES: JULY 2-15, 2017

The Debate Program is ideal for both novice and experienced debaters. Students will hone their arguing, speaking, and critical thinking skills through forms of debate and public speaking popular in the Debating Association of New England Independent Schools and International and Worlds competitions, including Parliamentary Extemporaneous debate, After Dinner and Persuasive speeches, and Impromptu speaking.


David Conti

Speech and Debate Program Director
Debate Coach

David Conti has been coaching the Speech and Debate Team at the Hotchkiss School for three years. As a Latin and Greek instructor at Hotchkiss, Mr. Conti came to debate through his work with classical rhetoric. Teaching the speeches of Cicero, Lysias and Demosthenes, Mr. Conti knows well the breadth of knowledge needed to argue persuasively and the importance of rhetoric in making a strong case. He has been fortunate to work with an enthusiastic, successful group of debaters at Hotchkiss.

Paula Russo

Paula Russo has coached The Hotchkiss School’s award-winning Debate Team since 2013, and has taught at Hotchkiss since 2006. A former attorney, Ms. Russo uses her experience in legal argument and analytical thinking to enhance the learning in her Hotchkiss course, Supreme Court and Contemporary American Politics. These are necessary skills required of great debaters and future lawyers. She is delighted to work intensively with debaters, helping them to hone their arguments and teaching them to become effective public speakers. She is delighted to work with enthusiastic debaters who insist on visiting Chipotle on the way home from every debate.