2021 College Office Panel Featuring Jeff Selingo

The College Advising Office is pleased to offer a special event as part of Family Weekend. Join us for a webinar with Jeff Selingo, a leading expert on the college admissions process and New York Times best-selling author of Who Gets In and Why. Our panel will also include three college admission professionals: Stephen Farmer, provost for enrollment, University of Virginia; Ronné Turner, vice provost for admissions, Washington University (St. Louis); and Eric Maguire, vice president for enrollment, Wake Forest University. Together, the speakers will offer a retrospective on the last admissions cycle, which was the most competitive and unpredictable in memory, as well as thoughts on future trends in college admission. We encourage you to purchase and read Jeff's book in advance of the event.

We are offering this event as a webinar prior to the start of Family Weekend so that all families may participate in what promises to be an enlightening and informative evening.

Event Details

Tuesday, October 12
8:00 - 9:30 p.m.

A Zoom event link has been sent to all current parents/guardians.

A replay will be made available for those who are unable to join us.

Featured Panelists

Jeff Selingo

Jeff Selingo, Leading College Admissions Expert and Best-selling New York Times Author



Stephen Farmer

Stephen Farmer, Provost for Enrollment, University of Virginia



Ronne Turner

Ronné Turner, Vice Provost for Admissions, Washington University (St. Louis)



Eric Maguire

Eric Maguire, Vice President for Enrollment, Wake Forest University

More about
Jeff Selingo

Jeffrey Selingo's Book, Who Gets In and Why

Selingo’s most recent book, Who Gets In & Why: A Year Inside College Admissions, was published in September 2020. Previous books include New York Times bestsellers College (Un)Bound and There Is Life After College. Jeff is also a contributor to The Atlantic and the Washington Post, a special advisor for innovation at Arizona State University, and co-host of the podcast FutureU