Academic Departments

Each academic department offers courses that provide a strong foundation in the area of study while challenging students to think critically and creatively. Our balanced education allows students to dive deeply into one topic while also exploring a wide range of subject areas. The hands-on instruction across our academic departments is supplemented by an engaging array of co-curricular activities, cross-cultural travel, and experiential learning opportunities. This combination guides students to excel as well-rounded learners ready to thrive in the world — which is our ultimate goal as a  college preparatory high school.

Explore our diverse selection of academic departments below. From languages and performing arts to mathematics and science, our students receive an education that challenges them to broaden their horizons on a daily basis.


Classical & Modern Languages

Human Development

Humanities & Social Sciences

Mathematics & Computer Science


Visual & Performing Arts

What to Expect From an Education at The Hotchkiss School

Wondering what to expect from preparatory high school? The Hotchkiss School blends an enriching academic curriculum with opportunities for growth that span far beyond the classroom. Our students learn through hands-on interactions with each subject they're studying. This looks a little different within each academic department. In our visual and performing arts department, for example, students will discover the arts in a personalized way. Our approach challenges them to close the textbooks and learn through experience. Our mathematics and computer science department brings technical concepts to life as students experiment, collaborate, and apply classroom learning to real-world scenarios. As an independent high school in Connecticut, we are able to provide a unique education that rises far above the norm.  Academic learning at the Hotchkiss School is enriched through state-of-the-art facilities, an incredible range of organized activities, and an eye-opening travel programs. Of course, the quality of our education wouldn't be attainable without our highly trained faculty. Each teacher takes the time to build personal relationships with students and discover exactly what learning style works best for them. We strive to bring teaching to life and ensure each child can harness their full potential. Our strong history of top matriculation speaks to our success as a college preparatory high school .

An Inside Look Into Our Curriculum

The Hotchkiss School follows the American curriculum for an education that translates across the nation. We also provide travel programs and study abroad opportunities that allow students to experience a truly global education. Our curriculum includes a broad range of core courses and fascinating electives, empowering students to dive deeper into their areas of interest. As a result, students at Hotchkiss receive a strong academic foundation while preparing for a specialized future college education.

Our Connecticut private high school education is taught using a skills-based curriculum that encourages students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As well as teaching course content, our faculty guides students to become clear communicators, effective collaborators, and forward-thinking leaders.

Discover The Hotchkiss School Firsthand

The Hotchkiss School welcomes the best and brightest students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We offer many different types of financial aid to make our quality education affordable to a greater number of families. Learn more about how to apply to Hotchkiss, or contact admission team to learn more about our curriculum.