Teaching the principles and mechanics of good writing has been a Hotchkiss tradition since its founding. English classes at Hotchkiss are designed to help students discover and harness the power of language through careful reading and analysis of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and plays. Essays and writing assignments help students sharpen their critical thinking skills, develop their voices, and deepen their understanding of literature.

Summer Reading: Required Texts for 2020

Books by Class Level

Prep: Septembers of Shiraz (2007) by Dalia Sofer

Lower Mid: Educated (2018) by Tara Westover

Upper Mid: A Lesson Before Dying (1993) by Ernest Gaines

Senior: The Things They Carried (1990) by Tim O'Brien

All-School Reading Assignments 

(To be completed by all students)

Click here to access a packet that serves as an introduction to the following All-School reading selections:

Novel: The Memory Police (1994, transl. 2019) by Yoko Ogawa 

Essay: "A Report from Occupied Territory" (The Nation, 1966) by James Baldwin

Poems: "Who But the Lord?" (1947) by Langston Hughes
              "Power" (1978) by Audre Lorde
              "what the dead know by heart" (2016) by Donte Collins


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