Human Development

Human Development (HD) is a two-year program for preps and lower mids designed to help them understand their own personal growth and development and provide a safe, supportive environment for discussions about physical and emotional well-being, drugs and alcohol, and healthy relationships. The goal of the program is to help our students learn how to live in a community and prepare for the challenges of becoming independent young adults.

Prep Year

The prep seminar is a required, year-long course that meets once a week in co-ed sections of 10 to 12 students and is co-facilitated by two faculty members. The class uses large- and small-group discussion and writing assignments to explore topics including trust, respect, and physical and emotional well-being. The course connects the prep class, helps students navigate the first-year experience, and provides a forum to talk about the challenges of living in a community. No academic credit is given for this course, and students are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Lower Mid Year

HD250 is a year-long requirement for all lower mids. In this course, students learn to identify the resources that support their health needs and those of their friends and families. Through readings, presentations, videos, and discussions, the class will explore adolescent development and identity, physical and emotional health, families, drugs and alcohol, relationships, and sexuality. Two senior teaching assistants are assigned to each faculty-led section of HD250. No academic credit is given for this course, and students are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Teaching Assistant Program for Seniors

HD550 is a course for seniors interested in helping faculty members lead a section of the lower-mid Human Development course. Through HD550, seniors will learn up-to-date information about topics in health and psychology and hone the skills required to facilitate discussions about physical and mental health, sexuality, identity, drugs and alcohol, and relationships. They will also lead discussions at special HD events and in other school settings. Students applying for this course should have an interest in psychology, social/emotional topics, and mentoring younger students.

Meet Faculty Members

Instructors in Human Development

Edward Miller

Edward Miller

Instructor in Human Development
Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

Human Development Coordinator, Instructor in Human Development