Science courses at Hotchkiss are creative, innovative, and dynamic. Instructors emphasize observation and analysis, oral and written communication, use of the scientific method, and creative problem-solving. Laboratory experimentation and hands-on activities form the basis of nearly all science courses. In addition to standard and AP courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and physics, the elective program allows students to explore a variety of subjects, including astronomy, robotics, anatomy, and biochemistry. Students can also pursue independent study and research opportunities.

The Prep Science Core

This year-long requirement for all preps introduces students to environmental topics while providing them with a background in biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. Food, energy, and water are the unifying themes in this field-based course, and students explore the School's natural surroundings through the lens of scientific inquiry.

Programs of Study

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Applied Science

Resources and Technology

  • An on-campus observatory featuring a 20-inch reflecting telescope, which allows viewers to see galaxies hundreds of millions of light-years away
  • A robotics lab
  • The Hotchkiss Weather Station
  • A DNA lab
  • An augmented reality sandbox, a tool students can use to learn about topography

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