Science courses at Hotchkiss are creative, innovative, and dynamic. Instructors emphasize observation and analysis, oral and written communication, use of the scientific method, and creative problem-solving. Laboratory experimentation and hands-on activities form the basis of nearly all science courses. In addition to standard, honors and some AP courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and physics, the elective program allows students to explore a variety of subjects in all of the science disciplines, including engineering. Students may also pursue independent study and research opportunities.

Programs of Study

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Applied Science

Resources and Technology

  • An on-campus observatory featuring a 20-inch reflecting telescope, which allows viewers to see galaxies hundreds of millions of light-years away
  • A robotics lab
  • The Hotchkiss Weather Station
  • A DNA lab
  • An augmented reality sandbox, a tool students can use to learn about topography

Meet Faculty Members

Stan-X and Hotchkiss: Explore Genetics and Molecular Biology Research with Fruit Flies

One example of Hotchkiss’s unique experiential learning opportunities is the genetics and molecular biology honors class Scientific Research: Drosophila Melanogaster—commonly known at Hotchkiss as “Fly Lab.” Based on the Stan-X experimental biology course developed by Professor Seung Kim of Stanford University, Bearcats in this course focus on hands-on laboratory research, collaborate with students at other schools, and publish their findings. Watch the video below to learn how Hotchkiss students create novel fruit fly strains that are invaluable to researchers around the world!

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