The Class of 2017 EFX Lab

Engineering, Fabrication, and Exploration

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Where can you create a water wagon to address the Cape Town water crisis? Where can you build a robot to race an electric car?

The Class of 2017 EFX Lab provides faculty and students with a place to experiment and create. The space is designed with collaboration in mind, complete with movable tables, glass walls, retractable doors, and full whiteboards. Within the lab, the Leung Prototyping Studio provides tools that help turn ideas, calculations, concepts, and theories into tangible objects. In robotics, physics, and engineering classes, students are given real-world problems to address.

  Stories from the EFX Lab

Kumar '19:  The Future of STEM is Female
(Winter/Spring 2018 issue of Hotchkiss Magazine)

The Class of 2017 EFX Lab OpensThe Class of 2017 EFX Lab Opens
(Fall 2017 issue of Hotchkiss Magazine)