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Gap Year

Some students opt to defer college enrollment for a year after graduating from Hotchkiss to work, study abroad, or do a service project. Many gap year participants speak enthusiastically about what they gain through these experiences. A few commonly cited benefits are:

  • The maturity that comes from a year of living independently and taking responsibility for their choices
  • Renewed enthusiasm for academic challenges and an eagerness to begin college
  • Greater exposure to career possibilities — as well as other cultures, people, and languages
  • A deeper understanding of themselves and the world

For these reasons, and in support of Hotchkiss’s commitment to responsible global citizenship, the School encourages its graduates to consider a gap year. The learning that takes place in this year differs from a traditional academic experience. But in planning and living a gap year, students acquire invaluable skills for lifelong learning. Past gap year experiences include volunteering for political campaigns in rural Missouri, working for aid agencies in Cambodia, and teaching English to the children of artisans in a village in India.

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