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Standardized Tests

Hotchkiss offers SAT testing on campus at designated times throughout the year and provides transportation to off-campus testing sites for the ACT and other standardized exams.

Test prep is available on campus through High End Test Prep. Students also have access to two online services:

  • My College QuickStart, useful for college planning.
  • Method Test Prep offers both SAT and ACT preparation. This program provides self-paced instruction, including video and audio tutorials, practice quizzes, and full-length tests. Students can access Method Test Prep by logging into the Student portal.

Learn more about the SAT Subject Test

General Testing Timeline

September: Seniors may take the ACT. Upper mids are permitted to take the September or October ACT, but not both.

October: Seniors may take SAT Reasoning and/or the ACT. Upper mids take PSAT. Upper mids may take either the October or November SAT, but not both. Upper mids may take the October ACT if they did not take the September one.

November: Seniors take the SAT Reasoning. Upper mids may take the November SAT Reasoning if they did not take the October one.

  • December: Seniors may take SAT Reasoning. Upper mids cannot take the December SAT.
  • April: Some Upper mids take the ACT 
  • May: AP exams administered. Upper mids take SAT Reasoning Test.
  • June: Upper mids take the SAT Reasoning and/or the ACT

SAT Concordance Tables

Many of the statistics published by colleges and various guides are using SAT averages and ranges of the "old" SAT, which was last administered in January 2016. The "old" SAT and the current version of the SAT are graded on a different scale. (i.e. the raw scores of the current SAT scores are inflated in comparison to the "old" SAT). The concordance tables will enable you to interpret your SAT score in the context of the old scores and what colleges are reporting. The data in Naviance (for the Class of 2016 and earlier) are based on the "old" SAT. These tables will help you navigate and understand Naviance.

Link to more information regarding the Concordance Tables from the College Board

Testing Registration

For SAT locations at The Hotchkiss School, please contact Laurie Grusauski, (860) 435-3614.

For SATs, register at; for the ACT, go to

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