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Standardized Testing

Hotchkiss offers SAT and ACT testing on campus at designated times throughout the year. Students are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT. Individual testing plans are created with a student’s college advisor.

SAT and ACT test prep is available on campus during the winter and spring of upper-mid year. Students also have access to online services:

  • My College QuickStart is available to all students who have taken the PSAT.
  • Khan Academy provides a free, online SAT prep option to all students with a College Board account.
  • Method Learning offers both SAT and ACT preparation. This program provides self-paced instruction, including video and audio tutorials, practice quizzes, and full-length tests. Students can access Method Learning by logging into the Student Portal and clicking the Method Learning link under "Important Information."
  • For students preferring directed review, Hotchkiss contracts outside test preparation companies (High-End Test Prep for the SAT and Summit for the ACT) to provide interested students with a set number of hours of instruction and practice during the spring of their upper mid year. 

General Testing Timeline

SeptemberSeniors may take the ACT. Upper mids are permitted to take the September or October ACT, but not both.

October: Seniors may take SAT and/or the ACT. Upper mids take PSAT. Upper mids may take the PSAT. Upper mids may also take either the October or November SAT, but not both. Upper mids may take the October ACT if they did not take the September one.

November: Seniors take the SAT. Upper mids may take the November SAT if they did not take the October one.

December: Seniors may take the SAT. Upper mids may not take the December SAT.

April: Upper mids may take the ACT.

May: AP exams administered. Upper mids may take the SAT.

June: Upper mids may take the SAT and/or the ACT.

Access the 2023-24 Standardized Testing Calendar

Testing Registration

For SAT locations at The Hotchkiss School, please contact Laurie Grusauski, (860) 435-3614.

Register for the SAT at; register for the ACT at

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