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SAT Subject Test Guide

This information is intended to guide students through the SAT Subject Tests. Since preps and lower mids do not have regular access to the College Office, this content was developed to make them aware of potential testing options prior to being assigned a college advisor. It is important to consult teachers in various disciplines regarding specific Subject Tests because they will have a firm understanding of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and in turn, how one might prepare for various tests.

Literature: After English 350.

Latin: After Latin 270. Students who do not take honors-level Latin may be ready for the test at the end of Latin 350. All students are encouraged to consult teachers for advice in preparation when signing up.*

Chinese Listening: After Chinese 380, 450/490, and above (listening tests only offered in November*).

French and Spanish (Language and Listening): Students taking French 380 or Spanish 380 should consult with their teachers since the curriculum does not specify target standardized test preparation. Therefore, recommendations may vary by student.

German Reading and German Listening: Taken after German 3 for exceptional students, and German 4 for all other students.

Math Level I: In general, the best time to take Math I is in the spring when completing a 300-level class.

Math Level II: In general, the best time to take this test is in the spring when completing a 400-level (or higher) class. The Math Department encourages students to discuss these tests with their teachers.

Biology, Physics, and Chemistry: Students should take these tests when they are concluding AP courses in these disciplines, and are strongly encouraged to do so. AP Physics 1 does not prepare students for the Physics Subject Test. Students who have taken Chemistry 280 or 490 or Biology 380 may be able to take these tests with some additional preparation. Students can sit for the Physics Subject Tests after taking Physics 491/492.

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