College Advising

The College Office plays an important role in helping students manage their time and stay organized during the college application process. Ultimately, however, it is the student’s responsibility to research post-graduation options, meet deadlines, and plan their future.

What a Student Should Expect

Working with the College Office

To make the most of their relationship with the College Office, students should assume the following responsibilities:

  • Identify their personal and educational goals
  • Communicate on a regular basis with their college advisors
  • Communicate with their families
  • Investigate and adhere to specific admission requirements and deadlines (standardized testing, curricular and otherwise) of each institution to which they apply.
  • Maintain an accurate college application list on Naviance.
  • Submit all application materials and standardized test scores to each college or university to which they apply

The Role of A College Advisor

The College Office promises to do the following:
  • Advise with the highest ethical and professional standards consistent with Hotchkiss’s expectations of character, honesty and integrity.
  • Submit transcripts, Hotchkiss recommendations, and secondary school materials to each college or university on a student’s Naviance list
  • Encourage students and families to explore the range of excellent educational opportunities nationally and internationally, as well as other options, including a gap year, that might complement a student’s educational goals
  • Maintain open lines of communication with parents throughout the college process
  • Protect the privacy of each student and hold their personal information in confidence

Office Contact Info

Office phone:

(860) 435-3180

Office fax:

(860) 435-3157

Richard Hazelton
Director of College Advising

Katherine Boyd
Associate Director

Marc Dittmer
College Advisor 

Annie Hall
Senior Associate Director

Tom Peabody
Associate Director

Josh Smith
Senior Associate Director

JoAnne Lakin
Office Manager