Edsel Ford Memorial Library

Community Patrons and Guests of the Library

We welcome guests from the local community to the Edsel Ford Memorial Library. While our primary mission is to serve the Hotchkiss community, we are pleased to make available many of our resources to area residents. In doing so, we hope to complement the area public libraries, but urge you first to take full advantage of their services.


The following items and services are not available to local patrons:

  • New fiction
  • Periodicals
  • Internet access of any kind
  • Word processing and printing
  • Staff reference assistance


We ask community patrons to be aware of our policies and expectations when visiting the library.

  • On weekdays, community patrons are urged to visit the library after 3 p.m. (when classes end), and should not visit after 8 p.m. unless absolutely necessary.
  • All patrons should be cognizant of the loan periods for all items borrowed from the Edsel Ford Library.
  • The library will recall any borrowed item required for use by a Hotchkiss student or faculty member.
  • The minimum replacement fee for lost items is sixty-five dollars ($65.00). Materials which cost significantly more to replace will be charged at a higher rate.