Lufkin Prize

The Lufkin Prize, established in 2006, is awarded annually to a faculty member who makes a significant contribution to character development within the Hotchkiss community and serves as a role model for students.

2018 Lufkin Prize Presentation



Brad Faus, The Marie S. Tinker Chair, Program Director of Art, and Instructor in Art

Letty Roberts, Instructor in Math

Charlie Noyes, Instructor in Art

Lou Pressman, The Independence Foundation Chair #1, Chaplain, and Instructor in Philosophy & Religion

Wayne Gaynor, Instructor in Math (Retired)

Richard Kirby, Instructor in Chemistry

Sarinda Wilson, Instructor in French

Christy Cooper, Instructor in English and Dean of the Class of 2018

David Bolmer, Instructor in Math

Sarah Tames, Instructor in Theatre (Retired)