Technology & Innovation

To create an environment of innovation and collaboration, Hotchkiss offers state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms, labs, dormitories, and throughout the campus. Below are just a few of the ways students can engage with our resources:

  • Science learning: Labs house specialty equipment for students to explore subjects, like DNA testing, physics, robotics, environmental, and the atmospheric studies.
  • The Hotchkiss Observatory: The campus has made a concerted effort to reduce light pollution, enabling improved stargazing with a clarity that is unique to this region. The Hotchkiss Observatory is a powerful tool to research and observe stellar activities at night.
  • Technology learning: Hotchkiss offers computer science courses, experiential learning opportunities, and clubs for students interested in computer programming and application development.
  • Performing arts: Students learn the art of set and lighting design for dance and theater productions, and have access to a digital recording studio and specialized music practice and rehearsal rooms. Katherine Elfers Hall is designed to provide professional grade acoustics and digital recording.
  • Media technology: Students can study creative media, digital photography, and video production, with equipment such as laser cutters, 3-d printers, an online student radio station.
  • Library - The library offers many online subscription services and databases, as well as ebooks and streaming video options.
  • Unexpected teaching facilities: Technology enables classroom learning in unexpected learning spaces, such as the Biomass Facility and the Fairfield Farm.
  • Teaching and Learning Center: Video classrooms to help teachers explore their craft and learning spaces that utilizes technology to promote collaboration.
  • Mathematics: Upper level math courses incorporates coding
  • Student groups: Students meet and create apps.

All students are provided with:

  • Mobile computing equipment for all faculty and students
  • A robust wired and wireless network that covers the majority of campus facilities
  • Multimedia presentation equipment in all of our learning spaces
  • Software and online services that enable communication and collaboration for faculty and students

Technology Today

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