Travel Program Catalog

Hotchkiss Travel Catalog 2021-22
Educational opportunities at Hotchkiss extend well beyond our campus. Hotchkiss faculty run a variety of programs that help students hone skills and learn in ways that are not possible here in Lakeville. At the same time, these sojourns abroad – whether in the U.S. or to other countries – are rooted in Hotchkiss’s academic and co-curricular program.

In addition to Hotchkiss programs, there are other options for travel. Our membership in Round Square allows students to participate in Round Square International Service (RSIS) Projects during the summer. Each year, students go on exchanges to some of the 160 Round Square schools in 39 countries, as well as to other schools with which we have partnered in France, Germany, and South Africa.



Available Funding

Hotchkiss offers more than $100,000 in travel grants each year, available through 14 different funds. The generosity of alumni and parents has made it possible for as many as 40 students a year to partake in community-based service work in the developing world, immerse themselves in different cultures, and study languages.

The grant application requires recommendations, a budget proposal, and an explanation of what the applicant hopes to gain from the program and how it relates to their course of study.

Proposals for Hotchkiss-run spring break programs, RSIS Projects, and fourth marking period Round Square exchanges are due in late November.

Proposals for Hotchkiss-run summer programs and summer Round Square exchanges are due in mid-February.

The Application Process

Follow this link to for specific guidelines and instructions for applying for grants.