About the Alumni Association

The Hotchkiss School Board of Governors Fall 2018

Upon graduating from Hotchkiss, every alumnus/a automatically becomes a member of the Alumni Association. The Association works to promote a lifelong love of learning, uphold the School’s values of personal integrity and responsible citizenship, and help alumni stay connected to each other and to Hotchkiss.

Message from the President of the Alumni Association

Dear Hotchkiss Alumni,

Hotchkiss has played a meaningful role in many of our lives. Through the Alumni Association and other ways, we encourage you to keep in touch with the School and fellow alumni. The Board of Governors serves as the executive committee of the Alumni Association and is always looking for ways to engage the Hotchkiss alumni community. We encourage you to reach out to us with suggestions, comments, and any questions.

Tom Seidenstein '91
President, Alumni Association

Board of Governors

2019-2020 Members

Tom Seidenstein '91, President
Natalie Boyse '09
Rafael Carbonell '93
Weijen Chang '86, P'22
Nathalie Pierrepont Danilovich '03, VP and Chair, Gender Committee
Marita Bell Fairbanks '84
Danielle Ferguson '97 
Carlos Garcia '77
Peter Gifford '93
Brooke Harlow '92, Vice Chair
Caldwell Hart '87, P'16,’20, Secretary and Chair, Nominating Committee for Membership
Annika Lescott '06
Barrett Lester '81
Nick Moore ’71, P’89,’01,‘06
Paul Mutter '87, Vice Chair, Chair of Nominating Committee for Awards
Steve O'Brien '62, P'87,'01, GP'17
Emily Pressman '98
Chip Quarrier '90, VP and Co-chair, Alumni Services and Communications Committee
Charlotte Dillon Ross '10, VP and Co-chair, Alumni Services and Communications Committee
Blake Ruddock '12
Bill Sandberg '65
Adam Sharp '96
Sheria Smith '01, VP and Chair, Alumni of Color Committee
Richard Staples '74, P'10,'12
Tom Terbell ’95

Ex-officio Members

Craig Bradley, Head of School
Ed Greenberg '55, Past President, Alumni Association
Robert R. Gould '77, Co-President, Board of Trustees
Elizabeth G. Hines '93, Co-President, Board of Trustees
Susan Green Roberson '87, President, The Hotchkiss Fund


Alumni Association Committees

Alumni of Color


To bring together and strengthen the alumni of color community and to provide support for students of color on campus.

  • Sheria Smith '01, Chair
  • Weijen Chang '86,P'22
  • Carlos Garcia '77
  • Annika Lescott '06
  • Emily Pressman '98
  • Richard Staples '74, P'10,'12

Alumni Services and Communications


To develop and implement membership services as approved by the Board of Governors and in consultation with the School. The committee serves the membership by creating programs and activities that promote lifelong learning experiences and help create a community of trust and respect that values lifelong relationships and shared experiences.

  • Chip Quarrier '90, Co-chair
  • Charlotte Dillon Ross '10, Co-chair
  • Natalie Boyse '09
  • Rafael Carbonell '93
  • Nathalie Pierrepont Danilovich '03
  • Caldwell Hart '87, P'16,'20
  • Barrett Lester '81
  • Paul Mutter '87
  • Blake Ruddock '12
  • Bill Sandberg '65
  • Adam Sharp '96
  • Sheria Smith '01



To engage the Alumni Association in activities relating to gender equity issues by providing events which strengthen the relationships of both alumni and students.

  • Nathalie Pierrepont Danilovich '03, Chair
  • Weijen Chang '86,P'22
  • Marita Bell Fairbanks '84
  • Emily Pressman '98
  • Blake Ruddock '12


  • Celebrate our diversity within the context of common goals.
  • Engage our broader community of students, faculty, administrators and alumni in a discourse of gender equity to invite perspectives, insights and dialogue from past and present.
  • Collaborate with and support the work of the School as it explores the opportunities and expectations of female students.
  • Engage alumni and students in programming activities relating to gender issues by providing events which strengthen the relationships of both alumni and students.
  • Encourage communication and cooperation with the school by alumni and/or student events while working with the concepts from the Independent School Gender Project to better address these issues.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other ongoing gender-related committees and programming within the Hotchkiss community.


  • To identify candidates and select recipients of the Alumni Award, the Community Service Awards, and other awards or honors such as the Board of Governors from time to time may create.
  • To identify candidates and select members for the Board of Governors and Officers of the Alumni Association
  • The committee may advise the Organizational Review and Nominating Committee (or equivalent) of the Board of Trustees with regard to possible candidates to the Board of Trustees.
  • Paul Mutter '87, Chair
  • Peter Gifford '93
  • Ed Greenberg '55
  • Brooke Harlow '92
  • Annika Lescott '06
  • Nick Moore '71, P'89,'01,'06
  • Tom Terbell '95
  • Caldwell Hart '87, P'16, '20, Chair
  • Ed Greenberg '55
  • Brooke Harlow '92
  • Annika Lescott '06
  • Nick Moore '71, P'89,'01,'06
  • Chip Quarrier '90
  • Charlotte Dillon Ross '10

The Committee invites all alumni to submit nominations for awards and for membership on the Board of Governors. Nominations must include the name and class year of the individual(s) submitting the nomination and of the nominee, as well as a short statement outlining the reasons for the nomination. Except in the case of a self-nomination, alumni are not informed that they are a candidate for any School honor. All information regarding nominees is held in the strictest confidence by both the BOG Nominating Committee and the Office of Alumni Relations.


The Alumni Award recognizes individuals who, through personal achievement, have brought honor and distinction to themselves and the School. The Nominating Committee seeks candidates who have made significant contributions within their fields, and in so doing have earned the recognition of their peers on a national or international level. To nominate someone for the Alumni Award, click here.


Presented annually, the Community Service Award honors the service contributions of one or more of its graduates to their respective communities, whether local, national, or international. The Award seeks to recognize individuals who, "in the estimation of the Nominating Committee of the Board of Governors of the alumni association, demonstrate through their volunteer and/or vocational endeavors an exemplary sense of caring, initiative, and ingenuity." To nominate someone for the Community Service Award, click here.


The work of the Board of Governors focuses on alumni programs, events, and communications, and candidates for the BOG should have an interest in those areas of the School’s work. In addition, the Nominating Committee seeks to have a diverse a pool of candidates in terms of gender, profession, race/ethnicity, geographic area, and age. To nominate someone for the Board of Governors, click here.

FY'20 BOG Meeting Dates

2019-2020 BOG Meeting Dates

October 18-19, 2019 in Lakeville
February 7, 2020 in NYC
May 8-9, 2020 in Lakeville