Henry Robinson Luce
Henry Robinson Luce '16
“ To run a semi-weekly, six-page newspaper - outside of study hours - and to have not more than one typographical error a fortnight, and to have a keen, clear, pointed editorial to each issue as we had during 1915-16, we say that there is no harder job in the entire Hotchkiss School - no football game that ever will demand more 'guts' than this. And [casting the convention of modesty to dust] we say that to publish a monthly magazine with 300 pages of, at least, fairly good attempts at stories, articles and verse, to make these pages have any semblance of an appeal to the fellows in school, and to pay nearly 200 electrotypes - this we submit is no tea-parlor, silk-sock, poetically temperamental game. ”

Henry Robinson Luce '16 *

Profession: Publisher & Co-founder TIME Magazine

Field: Media

A 20th-Century icon, Time magazine co-founder Henry Luce was born in Tengechowfu, China, the son of Presbyterian missionaries. A scholarship boy at Hotchkiss, he ranked at the top of his class. Along with his classmate Briton Hadden, he went on to Yale University, earning a B.A. in 1920. Luce and Hadden both volunteered for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Yale, but neither of these commissioned second lieutenants made it overseas. Their military careers were cut short by the Armistice, and both were back on the Yale campus in January 1919.

After taking a postgraduate year at Oxford, Luce met Hadden again, this time in New York, and on March 3, 1923, they produced their first issue of Time magazine, which would become one of the most profitable publishing ventures in magazine history. Luce went on to establish some of the other most significant publications of the 20th century, including Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated. Sadly, his colleague Hadden died at a young age.

Luce served as a trustee of Union Theological Seminary, the China Institute of America, the American Heritage Foundation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Roosevelt Hospital. He was decorated with the Chevalier Legion of Honor (France 1937), the Order of Auspicious Star (China 1947), the Order of Orange Nassau (The Netherlands), the Order of Cedars of Lebanon, the Royal Order George I (Greece), the Commander's Cross Order Danneborg (Denmark), and the Knight Commander's Cross Order Merit (Federal Republic of Germany). Henry Luce was the recipient of more than 10 honorary degrees and the Hotchkiss Alumni Award in 1935.

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