Class of 2008

June 15 - 17, 2018
10th Reunion

Reunion Committee:

Dana Brisbane
Alexandra Burchfield
Alexander Douglas
Z'hara Green
Taylor Kenyon
Lizzie Langer
Daniel Lippman
Meg Jones Margiotta
Clark Maturo
Greg Maxson
Emily Myerson
Lule Rault
Molly Reed
Michael Wu

Staff Liaisons:

Taylor Kenyon '08, Associate Director of The Hotchkiss Fund
Kamaren Suwijn, Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Register before June 8, 2018 Online registration is open until June 8. You may secure spots in the Children's Program and dorm housing ($50 per person for the entire weekend) when registering. A paper invitation will be mailed in April, with an option to register by post.

Register here:

Who's Coming? The following classmates have indicated that they plan to attend Reunion. As registration forms arrive and classmates officially register, they will be marked with an *.

Amin, M.*
Bianco, N.*
Blagden, S.*
Bolton, T.*
Boynton, D.* (Fri. only)
Brisbane, D.* (Sat. only)
Brunelli, M.* (Sat. only)
Buckman, A.* (Sat. only)
Burchfield, A.* (Sat. only)
Caliendo, A.*
Call, J.* (Sat. only)
Candrick, W.*
Cooper, C.*
Coven, E.*
Crane, C.*
Doodian, S.* (Sat. only)
Douglas, A.*
Flexner, J.*
Gauthier, J.*
Gerard, S.*
Glassberg, A.*
Goj, D.* (Sat. only)
Greene, A.*
Hinck, A.*
Hinck, K.*
Infante, K.*
Jackson, M.*
Jenny, B.* (Sat. only)
Kenyon, T.*
Kim. J.* (Sat. only)
Kirby, R.*
Langer, L.*
Lightbourn, J.*
Lippman, D.*
Lynch, C.*
Margiotta, M. Jones*
Marx, M.*
Maturo, C.*
McSweeney, S.*
Merwin, K.*
Motanya, C.*
Myerson, E.*
Norris, L.*
Oberwager, K.*
Ozaki, N.*
Pai, A.*
Panton, D.*
Peterson, H.*
Pilchard, K.*
Portes, J.*
Radcliffe-Trenner, M.*
Reed, M.*
Rivers, J.* (Sat. only)
Rollow, W.*
Rosen, A.*
Sivalingam, M.*
Smith, W.*
Staley, J.*
Syed, O.*
Than, N.*
Tropin, N.*
Weaver, M.*
Wu, M.*
Xu, W.*
Yang, M.*
Zheng, C.*
Zweiner, E.*