Hotchkiss Philharmonic
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Lang Lang Performance
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Lang Lang Masterclass
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Right Brain Logic Performance
Hotchkiss Orchestra Performance

The Hotchkiss Orchestra Showcase

The music program offers Hotchkiss's active and diverse student body excellent facilities and a range of course selections that accommodates all levels of interest and involvement.

Courses in music literature, theory, and performance reflect the department's commitment to serve all students, regardless of knowledge, talent, or music experience. Students taking a performance course have the unique opportunity to work in a private lesson setting with an outstanding faculty of music professionals. Students can also express their musical talents in group settings by joining one of our student ensembles: the Hotchkiss Chorus, the Hotchkiss Orchestra, or the jazz ensemble, Right Brain Logic. Throughout the year, students are encouraged not only to perform, but also to appreciate a wide variety of musical experiences by attending student and faculty recitals, off-campus concerts, and our excellent guest artists concert series.

Private music instruction is offered for academic credit to students at no additional cost. Students may receive non-academic private lessons for a fee. Full academic credit is available to students in vocal or instrumental ensembles such as the Hotchkiss Chorus. Guest artists frequently visit the school, offering workshops, master classes, and concerts.

All Hotchkiss students have opportunities to study music, studio art, theatre, photography, film, related media, and dance, whether as a serious discipline or a new found interest.

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Established by Barbara Walsh Hostetter ’77 and her husband Amos, the Hotchkiss Philharmonic Orchestra offers Hotchkiss music students the chance to collaborate and perform with world-class musicians.

The Hotchkiss Philharmonic Orchestra Past Performances