Faculty Art Exhibit Opens in the Tremaine Art Gallery for the On-campus Community

Last year, the Tremaine Art Gallery was used as a classroom to accommodate the need for social distance measures at the onset of the pandemic and delayed the opening of the faculty exhibit. This academic year, the Tremaine Art Gallery is back and pleased to present the long-awaited exhibit Process: Exploring Vulnerability as Strength featuring selected work by Hotchkiss faculty from the studio art and art history and photography, film, and related media programs. The exhibit  is currently open to the on-campus community of students, faculty, and staff through October 19.

Students will attend gallery talks with the faculty artists, whose work represents various media including ceramics, oil and watercolor painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital media, electronics, and cyanotype; all recent work. Participating artists include Brad Faus, Terri L. Moore, Ann Villano, Colleen MacMillan, Greg Lock, Sarah Anderson Lock, Christine Owen, and Colleen McGuire.

The show’s statement reads: Faculty artists explore the world through lived experience and curiosity about alternative perspectives. As teachers, we ask students to do the same, encouraging them to take chances and to allow themselves to feel vulnerable.  

To embrace vulnerability as an artist is a strength that encourages expanded thinking and discovery.  As faculty artists, we model this in our individual art practices by stepping outside of our comfort zones.

The events of the past year have made embracing this approach a necessity. The result is a body of work by faculty artists that reflects and interprets the human experience during this most challenging period of time.

The return of art to the walls of the Tremaine Art Gallery is a welcome sight after a long hiatus, yet another step on the path to the return to normalcy for the School.


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