Richard Kirby

Richard Kirby
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-435-3618

Areas of Interest: coordination chemistry, electron transfer reactions, reaction mechanisms and kinetics, chemical hygiene; track and field, soccer

Coaching profile:
Dr. Richard Kirby (DK) joined the Hotchkiss faculty in 1996 as a science teacher, coach, and dormitory parent. A native of Jamaica, where track and field and soccer are the popular sports, it is not surprising that as a child DK participated and excelled in both track and field and soccer. Dr. Kirby participated in track in college, excelling in the 100, 200, and 400m races. As a student athlete DK was recognized for sportsmanship, and he is particularly proud of the John Beattie award recognizing his all-round excellence upon graduating high school. After completing his doctorate in chemistry, DK worked at the University of Guelph/Waterloo Center for Science in Canada, where he started running longer distances and participating in 10K races. Since his appointment in 1998 as head coach for the track and field program at Hotchkiss, DK has led the team to many successful seasons. In 2005 the girls team won the Founders League Championship; the boys team has also won the Founders League Championship and were undefeated in 2004 and 2005. In addition, along with his co-coaches DK has introduced new and exciting opportunities for track and field athletes at Hotchkiss, such as participating in Disney’s Wide World of Sports spring training and the PENN Relays. DK is pleased that many of our track and field athletes continue to participate in track and field in college.