Tyler Gardner

Tyler Gardner
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-435-4406
Coaching Assignments: Girls Varsity Squash, Varsity and JV Track Hobbies and academic interests: Running, reading, staring at Virginia Woolf's prose and attempting to gain some sort of enlightenment, hiking, biking, watching any and all sporting events at any level. Coaching profile: Tyler Gardner began playing squash at Phillips Academy Andover and quickly developed a passion for the sport. He continued competitive play at the London School of Economics, traveling with and captaining the second of four Varsity teams. Being humbled repeatedly and convincingly by some of the more dominant players in the European University circuit, he learned quickly how well the sport lent itself to character development and interpersonal growth. Regardless of match outcome, the bond created in a court between two players over the course of an intense and trying match is unparalleled in most team sports. Gardner returned to the sport in 2012, both coaching and learning alongside veteran Hotchkiss coach John Virden. He is looking forward to continuing to build off of Virden's successes and finding ways in which to integrate the Hotchkiss squash program with other established professional training programs in the area. Above all else, he values the fact that the #7's contribution to team competition is equally integral to the team's success as the #1's contribution. No match is more important than the other; no player is valued more highly than another.