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At Hotchkiss, we wish the bring the passion out of our students every day in and out of the pool. Teamwork and communication are at the foundation of our water polo program as we coach athletes from diverse backgrounds. Through water polo we embrace hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and most of all passion every day.

Since water polo is such a technical sport that both tests endurance and awareness, our athletes test themselves everyday in the pool, discovering something about their character that cannot otherwise be found in the classroom setting. Having grown up around the sport and having played competitively for eight years, no sport has taught me more about teamwork, passion, and creativity, all while having an absolute blast.

Our girls are eager to learn and play every single day and they do so with enthusiasm. Water polo is sport that I hope everyone can learn and we happily welcome anyone who is passionate and willing.

-- Jennifer Likar, Head Coach, Girls Varsity Water Polo





While the program is relatively new, over the last three years the team has improved their win total every year and we hope to continue to build on that success.


Hixon Pool is a water polo facility.  A ten-lane, multi-purpose pool, it is one of the only true deep, deep water polo facilities in New England.

It boasts exceptional deck space and lighting, as well as a large, attractive grandstand for spectators. We are continually selected to host the Liquid Four tournament, which the pool and the program capably handle with grace.

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Head Coach Jennifer Likar
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Assistant Coach Sara Lewites
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