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Ultimate Frisbee


Hotchkiss Ultimate Frisbee is guided by the Spirit of the Game, and seeks to represent the School in the best light possible through fair play and an interest in and respect for our opponents. Since the spring of 2000, only seven players have come with previous experience in the sport, so we take great joy in developing skills, building competence and confidence, and in the genuine enthusiasm for the sport that follows.

-- David Thompson, Head Coach, Varsity Ultimate Frisbee


Since 2007, Hotchkiss has a 180-60 record and has won two New England Championships (2009 and 2015), the Connecticut State championship (2015), and has finished either second or third place in New Englands in six of the other years. More importantly, Hotchkiss has won numerous Spirit of the Game trophies, recognizing the positive attitude and commitment to fair play that the team upholds.


In the spring we have two adjacent fully lined fields that allow us to divide the team into groups to focus on specific skills. We also have the possibility of playing on a lit turf field.

Coaching Staff

Head coach David Thompson came to Hotchkiss in 1999, having played pickup Ultimate in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Boston. Coach Thompson is the tournament director for the Hotchkiss Invitational, co-founded the New England Prep School Ultimate League (NEPSUL), and coached a combination Hotchkiss/Andover HS (MA) girls team at the Junior National championships in 2003 and 2004. He has coached Ultimate for 18 years and holds a Level Two USA Ultimate coaching corps certificate.

Assistant coach Adam Lang joined the Hotchkiss Ultimate team in 2016. A lifelong runner, soccer player, frisbee thrower, and disc golfer, Coach Lang began playing pickup Ultimate in college and then continued to learn more about the sport during his time living on the West Coast. Coach Lang is very interested in the developments in offensive and defensive strategy.

Notable Alumni

Our alumni have played or are playing at Boston College, Bowdoin*, Bates, U. Chicago*, Claremont, Conn College, Colorado, Carleton, Dartmouth*, G.W., Georgetown, Harvard*, Johns Hopkins *, U. Mass-Amherst, Miami, Middlebury*, North Park*, Northwestern, Stanford, Swarthmore, Tufts*, Wesleyan, and Williams.* (asterisk indicates captaincy)

Notable alumni include:
Zahlen Titcomb ‘00 - University of Chicago*; gold-medal US Beach Ultimate team (2005)*; co-founder of Five Ultimate
Xtehn Titcomb ‘01 - University of Chicago*; Sockeye, Seattle Rainmakers, and Chicago Machine; gold-medal US Beach Ultimate team (2005), co-founder of Five Ultimate; general manager and co-owner of Seattle Cascades
Nick Judson ‘02 - Miami Ultimate; AUDL Connecticut Constitution
Vehro Titcomb ‘03 - University of Chicago*; Seattle Rainmakers and Sockeye; gold-medal US Beach Ultimate team (2005); co-founder and CEO of Five Ultimate
Nora Sluzas ‘05 - silver-medal US Junior Team (2004)
Rohre Titcomb ‘05 - Dartmouth College; silver-medal US Junior Team (2004); Riot; gold-medal US Beach Ultimate Team (2015); co-founder and COO of Five Ultimate
Stanley Barnes ‘09 - D-line captain, University of Colorado
Qxhna Titcomb ‘11 - Tufts; gold-medal US Beach Ultimate Team (2015); Brute Squad, Riot; gold-medal U-23 US Mixed Team (2015)*; Founder, All-Star Tour; co-founder of Five Ultimate