Wrestling at Hotchkiss is a team sport: although wrestlers take the mat alone, the success that they find there comes from the effort and drive of their teammates in the practice room. We support one another as teammates through successes and failures. Our wrestlers are expected to be leaders, citizens of the school, and positive examples for their peers.

Our program’s mission is to help young men and women find success on the mat, as well as develop the virtues of self-discipline, conviction, and humility that will serve them well not only in wrestling, but in all aspects of their lives.

Hotchkiss wrestling endures beyond the confines of the school and an individual’s time: Hotchkiss wrestlers will carry their experiences with them forever.

-- Cooper Puls, Head Coach, Varsity Wrestling


Prep National All-Americans:
Dan Buckstaff, 4th --- 1983
Dean Coffin, 6th --- 1985
Lawrence Braithwaite, 5th --- 1998
Adam Bunce, 7th --- 2001
John Martisch, 4th --- 2015
Nick Carola, 5th -- 2016

Prep National Most Pins Award:
Lawrence Braithwaite --- 1998



Hotchkiss Wrestling’s Edward R. Davis Wrestling Room is one of the finest and most spacious practice facilities in the WNEISWA league, with room for two competition-sized wrestling mats. It also has room for additional practice mats, spectator seating, and scorer’s tables. The wrestling room is adjacent to training facilities, a fully equipped weight room, and the rest of the Forrest E. Mars Jr. Athletic Center’s resources.

Coaching Staff


Head Coach Cooper Puls '11


Phone: 347-661-8216
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Coach Puls is a former Hotchkiss three-sport athlete (wrestling, football, and lacrosse). He wrestled three years for the Bearcats, serving as captain his senior year. He placed three times at Westerns and twice at New Englands. In his senior year, Coach Puls set the team record for pins in a season with 24. He then went on to wrestle for NYU at the collegiate level. Following college, Coach Puls worked in the Athletics Department at The Buckley School in New York City for two years, and has been coaching at Hotchkiss since 2017.


Assistant Coach Marc Dittmer

Phone: 860-435-3189
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Notable Alumni

Marshall Puls '09 -- Gettysburg
Sebastien Levin '10 -- Wisconsin
Chayoot Chengsupanimit '12 -- Muhlenberg
Matthew Belikov '12 -- Boston University
Dexter Puls '13 -- Ithaca
Angus Cowell '14 -- Harvard
Nick Carola '16 -- Chicago
Nick Adams '19 -- Toronto
Scott Lewis '19 -- Wash. U. in St. Louis



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