Bearcats Move on to College Athletics

Several members of the Class of 2020 plan to play interscholastic college sports. Here is a partial list of students who have self-reported their plans for next year:

Anabelle Ackerly, Golf, St. Andrew's
Andrew Tieso, Lacrosse, Haverford
Clay Glovier, Tennis, Princeton
Daphne Chao, Golf, Yale
David Vega, Ultimate Frisbee, Harvard
Delaney Hayes, Lacrosse, Marist
Dusan Neskovic, Basketball, Dartmouth
Eleanor Burke, Squash, Dartmouth
Emily Ferguson, Hockey, Hamilton
Grady Corkum, Lacrosse, Vermont
Henry Wilder, Hockey, Boston College
Isabella Pugliese, Field Hockey, Boston College
Jillian Cudney, Swimming, Tufts
Julia Chai, Lacrosse, Pennsylvania
Kimanie Brown, Football & Track, Colby
Kyle Roshankish, Track, Wesleyan
Louisa Essuman, Soccer, Tennessee
Lucas Mastrodomenico, Football, British Columbia
Miles Brewster, Basketball, Boston University
Nate Seidel, Lacrosse, Union
Nick Ciampoli, Lacrosse, Kenyon
Nick Lorentzen, Sailing, Connecticut College
Patricia Hewitt, Field Hockey, Connecticut College
Sadie Gould, Soccer, Kenyon
Sofia Weber, Soccer, Connecticut
Tamsin Nottage, Rowing, MIT
Taylor Leckey, Field Hockey, Middlebury
Toby Pouler, Ultimate Frisbee, Middlebury
Vasja Pandza, Basketball, Seattle

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