Baseball Focused on Fundamentals

For head coach Tyler Wosleger and the rest of the varsity baseball team to continue their steady upward trajectory, the devil is in the details.

“We have to focus on doing the little things correctly,” said Wosleger. “Over the course of the game, those little things become big things.”

Co-captain Max Quinn ’19 agreed. “If we can achieve a level of consistency in our defense and our pitching that I believe we are capable of, I think we will be in a position to win a lot of games,” he said.

Although the first few games of the season have been challenging for the Bearcats, the team is encouraged by their annual Spring Break trip to Florida. The week together provided extensive opportunity for this year’s squad to come together, which is even more essential with a roster where more than half of the players are new.

“It takes a bit of time,” admitted Wosleger. “The team chemistry is good, but it takes a couple of weeks to get to an optimal point.”

Co-captain Max Duchesne ’19, a PG, said that he, Quinn, and fellow captain Nick Fallon ’19 will need to put in work to create those connections, both on and off the field. “It all starts with building relationships with teammates off of the field, and we will achieve that by spending time together outside of practice to get to know each other better.”

This year for the Bearcats, an increase in speed and a decrease in power will necessitate a change in offensive approach, said Wosleger. Instead of focusing on scoring runners on base with big hits, the team will need to play strategically to manufacture runs.

“Guys know they should be looking down for signs,” he said. “We’re going to try to make things happen and put things in motion.

Duchesne said that with the influx of new talent, the roster features strong depth and will need contributions up and down the lineup. Being aggressive at the plate, especially early in the count, will be important to generating good hitting chances, he added.

The pitching rubber should be another place where depth serves the team well, and Wosleger was bullish about his collection of Bearcat arms this season. A mix of returners like Jebb Vincent ’19 and Dillon Cleary ’20 and newcomers like Cameron Borges ’19 and Carlos Martinez ’22 should give the coaches myriad options to mix and match when they need to make it through a full week’s slate of games.

For both Quinn and Duchesne, leading by example will be their primary focus as captains. “Having good body language, giving off constant positive energy and playing the game the right way are all important things that we need to do every day,” said Duchesne.

Quinn agreed. “No matter what, one of my most important responsibilities is just to be a good teammate. I think that will set a positive precedent that will help us achieve that consistency we are shooting for,” he said.

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