Bearcats Move on to College Athletics

Several members of the Class of 2022 plan to play interscholastic college sports. Here is a partial list of students who have self-reported their plans for next year:

Alayna Boileau, Soccer, Union
Andrew Preis, Lacrosse, Bucknell
Caroline Corbett, Rowing, Bucknell
Chapman Petersen, Sailing, Stanford
David Vyhnal, Rowing, Columbia
Ellie Traggio, Lacrosse, UNC
Emily Bukowski, Rowing, Columbia
Grace Keefe, Field Hockey, Middlebury
Hannah Biccard, Field Hockey, Tufts
Henry Emswiler, Baseball and Football, Colby
Huck Whittemore, Cross Country and Track, Colorado College
Jack Morvillo, Lacrosse, Bucknell
John Nicholson, Squash, Williams
Jordan Healy, Lacrosse, Dartmouth
Jordyn Harrison, Lacrosse, Richmond
Kayla Robertson, Rowing, MIT
Kiernan McColgan, Field Hockey, Wesleyan
Lize Takoudes, Field Hockey, Colby
Luke Devlin, Lacrosse, Dickinson
Lydia Bullock, Ice Hockey, Hamilton
Mackay Bommer, Field Hockey, Bowdoin
Narayan Veluchamy, Rowing, Naval Academy
Owen Zinn-Keane, Cross Country and Track, Wesleyan
Piper Willinger, Volleyball, Sacred Heart
Will Hedley, Lacrosse, Gettysburg

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