Boys Lacrosse Building Depth, Talent

Several factors have members of the boys lacrosse team encouraged about its future prospects, most notably an increase in the top talent and overall depth of the program.

“It’s exceptionally positive,” said head coach Andrew D’Ambrosio, noting that nearly every senior this year who wishes will be playing lacrosse in college next year.

Looking at the players who were prepared to step on the field this year, D’Ambrosio said he was excited because the team had at least one strong player at each position on the field.

Last season, D’Ambrosio’s second with the program, saw meaningful steps forward as the players began to understand the new systems on offense and defense. With largely the same squad as 2017-2018, the Bearcats cut their goal differential by 41%, he noted.

“Kids knew what they were doing,” he said, adding that with that understanding came even more dedication, both before and during the season.

The team will continue its efforts to reach out and strengthen connections with strong club programs, with the hopes of bringing more of them to Hotchkiss, said D’Ambrosio. In addition, coaches will keep working to attract more fall and winter varsity athletes, he said.

Despite not being on campus, the Bearcats have still been working together to learn and grow as lacrosse players, holding virtual film rooms twice a week. The sessions are evenly split between offense and defense, with the team watching film from other highly competitive high school leagues and focusing on a particular point of emphasis.

“One of the great things about the growth of the game and streaming video is that there’s so much online content that is searchable,” said D’Ambrosio.

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