Boys Squash Returns Depth, Experience

Last year’s decision to expand the boys varsity squash squad has paid off for this season, as the team returns experience and depth once again.

In 2019, the team grew from eight to ten players in an attempt to give more boys varsity experience and give the team more depth in matches. As a result, even though three of the players from last year’s New Englands are no longer on the roster, six current players have some match experience.

“It helps us going into some of the bigger matches understanding what’s at stake, understanding the situation, managing expectations,” said head coach Jackson Marvel.

Co-captains Taylor Clayton ’21 and Sam Charlton ’20, who also both figure to be at or near the top of the ladder, both expressed optimism for the team’s potential this season. Thus far the sentiment seems well placed, as the team is 8-2 in its first ten matches.

Charlton credited both the new players and the returners for taking significant steps to make the team successful this season. “I think the most impressive aspect of the new guys so far has been how they’ve meshed so well with the returners,” he said. “That’s something you don’t normally see this early in the season.”

For the returners, Charlton added that he has seen great strides in terms of their tenacity in matches, which has helped them to fight and win more close matches.

Clayton added that many of the returners have also improved their mental game. “All of them have become much smarter players over the summer,” he said.

For the two captains, one of the keys to ensuring the team meets its high aspirations will be keeping team morale high. “We will have some tough matches this year and I hope we can win them, but If we don’t we will have to keep our heads up and move on to the next challenge,” said Charlton.

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