Boys Varsity Basketball Win in OT

By Copey Rollins ’26
Student Writer, Bearcat Sports Media

Hotchkiss Boys Varsity Basketball Canterbury 1

Photos By Chrys Yue ’26
Student Photographer, Bearcat Sports Media

On Wednesday Hotchkiss faced off against Canterbury in what would become the closest game of their season so far. Hotchkiss started off the first half with a few good points getting a small lead early on. However this was the only lead they would get until the end of the game as Canterbury instantly responded with many points putting them ahead of the bearcats. The first half continued to be very competitive as both teams worked well when they had the ball as they tried to get what few points they could. As the half progressed Canterbury slowly started building their lead, building it to around 10 points by the end of the half.

Hotchkiss Boys Varsity Basketball Canterbury 3

The second half of the game was when things started to get interesting. It started off pretty tame. Hotchkiss came out of the gate strong, collecting a few points very quickly. Canterbury worked to shut this down and bring their lead back up to 10. The half continued to be very competitive with both teams fighting for the ball however Canterburry was able to keep their lead for the majority of the half. It was dangerously nearing the end of the half and Canterbury still had a commanding lead, however this lead was slowly broken apart with many good plays from Hotchkiss.

Towards the end of the half Lower Mid Preston Merrick ’26 started scoring three’s left and right, reducing the Canterbury lead to just one point. In the last minute Canterbury scored making it look like Hotchkiss may not be able to come out on top. However in the last few seconds of the game Hotchkiss’ Davyn de Jongh ’24 scored a three, tying up the game and taking it into overtime tied 64-64.

Hotchkiss Boys Varsity Basketball Canterbury 2

Hotchkiss took control of the overtime from the whistle, getting a lead of five points early, which they would work to maintain for the rest of the period. Many fouls followed, mainly from Canterbury though Hotchkiss had their fair share. Overtime stayed competitive throughout the period however Hotchkiss still maintained control of the ball and were able to bring the lead up to 6 by the end of the half ending the game with a score of 76-70. 

This brings the Bearcat’s record up to 7-4 as they look to increase it in their game against Westminster on the 20th. 

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