Cross Country Teams Focusing on Fun

By Aaron Tandatnick ’22

This season, the cross country teams have placed an emphasis on individual achievement as well as team culture and fun.

Anna Klimmek, head coach of the girls team, acknowledges the vast diversity of runners on the team, ranging from those who joined for aerobic fitness to more serious runners. Given the variety of runners and unique season, Klimmek has modified the structure of practices. 

“I’m opening up to being more flexible in letting people get what they want out of cross country,” said Klimmek. 

Klimmek has been implementing new types of practices for the team, such as race days and self-paced workouts, in order to create an environment where runners can strive to achieve their own personal goals this season.

As for the boys, head coach Pierre Yoo similarly said he recognizes this great opportunity for his runners to truly enjoy running at Hotchkiss in a unique and special way. 

"This campus is so beautiful -- running with your friends with this perfect running weather is one of the best things one can do,” said Yoo. In a season without races, runners take full advantage of the Hotchkiss

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