Fall Athletes Earn Awards, Honors

Award winners from the the Hotchkiss fall athletics programs were announced in an all-school video on Jan. 24.

Athletic directors Danny Smith and Robin Chandler bestowed the awards on athletes from each of the fall programs, as well as announcing all-star league commendations and Coaches Awards for members of the JV and thirds teams.

Here is a link to the video from the awards ceremony.


All-stars and other commendations are listed below:



Boys Cross Country:

Founders All Stars (Top 15 Finishers): Huck Whittemore 1st place, Founders League Champion, Ciaran Groom (2nd), Owen Zinn-Keane (5th), John Coffin (10th), and Oliver Johnson (12th)

New England All Stars (Top 20 Finishers):   Ciaran Groom (11th), Huck Whittemore (16th) and Owen Zinn-Keane (20th)


Girls Cross Country:

Founders All Stars (Top 15 Finishers): Daphne Barrett (varsity) 15th, Olivia Torchen (JV), 15th

Field Hockey:

Western New England All-Stars: Grace Keefe ‘22 and Kiernan McColgan ‘22 

All NEPSAC Class A Field Hockey:  Hannah Biccard ‘22 and Molly Donegan ‘22

All NEPSAC Class A Honorable Mention: Grace Keefe ‘22 and Kiernan McColgan ‘22


All Erickson Conference: Brandon Ciccarello '22, Luke Devlin '22, Sean Donovan '23 & Nick Williams '22

All NEPSAC Class A Football: Brandon Ciccarello '22

All NEPSAC Class A Honorable mention:  Nick Williams '22


Boys Soccer:

CT All-State Prep Team: Justin DiCarlo ‘22 and Mohammed Nuhu ‘23

WNEPSSA All-Star:Mohammed Nuhu ‘23

WNEPSSA Honorable Mention All-Star: Justin DoCarlo ‘22

ALL-NEPSAC Class A Soccer: Mohammed Nuhu ‘23


Girls Soccer:

WWNEPSSA All-Stars: Alyana Boileau ‘22 and Nell Dwyer ‘24
NEPSWSA Junior All-Star: Sofia Marcktell ‘23 and Amber Bretz ‘23

CT All State Team: Gigi Day ‘22 and Fati Salifu ‘22

ALL-NEPSAC Class A Soccer: Gigi Day ‘22 and Nell Dwyer ‘24
Boston Globe All-NEPSAC Team: Gigi Day ‘22



All NEPSAC Honorable Mention Class A:  Piper Willinger ‘22




Boys & Girls Cross Country
Ciaran Groom ‘24 and John Coffin ‘24
Darina Huang ‘23 and Christa Prasertsintanah ‘23


Field Hockey

Mackay Bommer ‘22 and Kayla Robertson ‘22


Thomas Bailey '22 and Luke Devlin '22


Boys & Girls Soccer

Justin DiCarlo ‘22 and Mohammed Nuhu ‘23

Lydia Bullock ‘22 and Etta Coburn ‘24



Paige Dzenutis ‘23 and Kate McCormick ‘23




Boys JV Cross Country

Rayeef Rahman ‘24 & Thomas Hutson-Wiley’23


Girls JV Cross Country
Emily Bukowski ‘22, Kavya Ramasamy ‘24 & Sadie Salter ‘25


JV Field Hockey

Eliza Dana ‘22


3rds Field Hockey

Audrey Yoo ‘23 and Lucy Hall ‘25


Boys JV Soccer

Chase Vermeulen ‘22 and Emilio Leal ‘22


Boys 3rds Soccer
Brendan Keogh ‘22, Brendon Stallaert ‘22 & Lachlan Penfold ‘22


Girls JV Soccer

Francesca Farman-Farmaian ‘24, Sydney Goldstein ‘22, Aurora Smedvig ‘22


JV Volleyball

Annie Dong ‘23


3rds Volleyball

Vanessa Weinert ‘24 and Rosie Oberto ‘25








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