Hotchkiss Mountain Biking Rides to a Repeat Championship

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, The Housatonic Valley Mountain Biking League Championship race culminated a 7 race season for Salisbury, Hotchkiss, Kent, South Kent, Berkshire, Trinity Pawling, Rumsey Hall, and IMS.

Housatonic Valley Mountain Biking League

Riders were divided into four race classes: Cat 1-4.  Cat 1 is the top class, rides a longer race (50-70 minutes) with more climbing and technical challenge.

Team points are based on each team's top 5 riders that day.  Riders compete for podium positions, to move up a class, or just to challenge themselves against other riders, against the terrain, and to push their boundaries.

All race classes are gender non-specific, and Hotchkiss has the most girls riding in our league.

For the Wednesday's race, Hotchkiss took the team win, finishing undefeated in 7 races.

Hotchkiss Mountain Biking League Championship Trophy

Individually, Asher Frankel ’26 took the top podium spot with a 1st place finish in CAT 1.  Maya Grogean ’26 also was on the podium in CAT3, in 3rd place.  

Asher Frankel Mtnbk
Asher Frankel Mtn Biking Trophy

Hotchkiss CAT 1 riders: Asher Frankel, Adam Wright ’24, JT Popp ’26, and Jeff Shi ’24.  Sawyer Dillon ’24 was injured and not racing, but he is normally a CAT 1 racer as well.
Hotchkiss CAT 2 riders: Huntyr Ammons ’25, Mike Xu ’24, and Tiger Mutter ’26
Hotchkiss CAT 3 riders: Maya Grogean, Coco Sheronas ’26, Sadie Panaro ’25, Sasha Carmel ’27, Owen Cha ’27, Josh Zambrano ’27, Mabel Fenton ’26, Philip Lee ’26
Hotchkiss CAT 4 rider: Niki Reppa ’26 (injured, didn't race on Wednesday)


For the season, Hotchkiss repeated as league champions, with a commanding lead going into the championship race. Hotchkiss riders also took the 1st place individual overall (Asher Frankel) and 3rd place individual overall (Sawyer Dillon).

"Winning the league championship title again this season is an amazing confirmation of all the efforts our riders have put in this season. Almost all riders have moved up in race class at some point during the season, meeting the challenges of a tougher race with grit, determination, and a smile. Most importantly to me, though, is the way our team works to create a supportive and inclusive bond. Regardless if a rider is CAT 1 or CAT 4, strong and skilled or brand new, our riders support each other and build a team culture that helps every rider grow in fitness, skill, and mental toughness- and they have fun doing it."  - Head Coach Mike Fitzgerald

Hotchkiss HVMBL Champs


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