Senior Tributes: Boys Soccer

In recognition of the contributions our graduating seniors have made to our athletic programs, we offer these tributes from our coaches and some of our upper mids on each varsity team:

Trip Brown -- Trip joined our soccer program with little to no formal playing experience at the goalkeeper position. A natural athlete, he quickly adapted physically to the high intensity of our varsity training environment and his technical skill also developed at a fast pace. Trip served as an exceptional training partner for our junior goalkeeper, Justin DiCarlo ’22, and through his effort and determination, challenged him to improve each day. Trip was a stellar team player and a huge asset to our program. (Head Coach Mario Williams)        

Max Jennings -- Max developed to be a courageous vocal leader of the program over the years. He is a complete athlete who plays with a swagger and confidence that points to his physicality, speed, and dominance on the field. He will be playing soccer in college next year, and I am proud to say that he will be a player who is as hardworking and tenacious as they come. (Williams)

Gilbert Lauridsen -- Gilbert demonstrated incredible grit and perseverance over the past few years in managing and rehabilitating injuries so that he could participate in training with his teammates. Gilbert has a love of soccer that is refreshing, conspicuous and infectious. He always played with a smile on his face and was committed to help build a team culture centered on friendship and community. As an outside back, Gilbert’s gameplay was characterized by high energy, excellent range of passing, skilled 1v1 defending, and the capacity to contribute effectively on offense and defense. (Williams)

Gunnar Overstrom -- Gunnar brought a burst of energy and enthusiasm to our varsity soccer program during his senior year that lifted the spirit of his teammates and was an outward demonstration of his love for the game. His athleticism and speed allowed him to play most frequently as a winger and he enjoyed spearheading counterattacking maneuvers and driving directly at defenders in training. Gunnar would often remain on the field after soccer practice had ended to complete extra sprint workouts. He showed an amazing desire to improve his athletic ability each day and to serve as a positive role model for his teammates. (Williams)           

Kavi Sarna -- Kavi is one of the most improved soccer players on our roster and his athletic and socioemotional growth trajectory has been remarkable to observe. Kavi matured to become a leader in our program and an individual who was well-respected by his peers. In addition to demonstrating significant development of his soccer skill and gameplay by his senior year, including having a particularly venomous shot and heightened offensive awareness, he also emerged as a strong communicator and very caring teammate. (Williams)    

Michael Leon -- Michael’s status as a high school senior somewhat belies the vast personal soccer experience that he has and the unique challenges that he faced in his journey from the Right to Dream academy in Ghana to Hotchkiss to continue his schooling. These life experiences have positively shaped Michael’s character and have contributed to making him the impressive soccer player who he is today, a supremely driven, intensely motivated, and highly focused individual. Michael is a thoughtful student-athlete who would contemplate deeply about what his goals were in relation to soccer and meticulously design a strategic plan for achieving those objectives. Then, he would follow through, whether that was in challenging himself to lift heavier in the gym, putting in the required work during the offseason, or refining his technical skill. (Williams)       

Asa Tuke -- Asa served as a two-year captain of the boys varsity soccer program and his consistent and inclusive leadership will be sorely missed after he graduates. In many ways, Asa holistically embodies the values and character traits that we hope to instill in every individual who is part of our soccer program. He constantly searches for ways in which he can help others, is an excellent listener, and he places the team’s needs above his own. His selflessness and commitment to Hotchkiss soccer in conjunction with his tremendous work ethic made him a formidable team leader. Asa gives his absolute maximum effort in both game and training situations and in the center of our midfield, demonstrated that he had great endurance and a remarkable engine. Beyond these physical qualities, I believe that his mental toughness and loyalty to the team made it such that he simply would not stop running until games are over. As a team captain, Asa’s empathetic, caring and attentive nature provided an excellent model for younger students to emulate. (Williams)

Michael Zhang -- After playing at the junior varsity level, Michael joined our varsity soccer team during his senior year with a strong desire to develop his technical ability and a willingness to dedicate the time and effort to do so. Michael approached each practice with an open and enthusiastic mindset and integrated well into our team structure as he connected closely with both upperclassmen and lowerclassmen on the team. Michael’s friendly and supportive demeanor in conjunction with his eagerness to engage with others contributed positively to our team chemistry. Michael understood that his leadership role as a senior varsity-level student-athlete and member of our soccer program extended far beyond the field, and he accepted those responsibilities and navigated his daily life with purpose and ambition. (Williams) 

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