Senior Tributes: Girls Soccer

In recognition of the contributions our graduating seniors have made to our athletic programs, we offer these tributes from our coaches and some of our upper mids on each varsity team:

Keiko Smith -- As one of our two captains this year, Keiko did an outstanding job in a very challenging year of keeping spirits positive and upbeat.  A key player for us throughout her time and especially during our strong season last year, I am sorry Keiko did not get to showcase her talents through interscholastic play during her final season.  Kind, committed and willing to play wherever we asked her to play, we will sorely miss her leadership and her strong play.  The coaches thank her for all she did in this year especially to keep the level of play high and the love and unity of the team intact and thriving.  We will miss you, Keiko! (Head Coach Christy Cooper)

Romy Tarantino -- Romy has played a key role on our team as our starting goalie.  Her rock solid play, toughness, and positivity helped to lead us to tournament runs, and through one of our best seasons ever last year.  With Keiko, Romy did an outstanding job this year leading the team through very unusual times.  Always thinking of others and what she could do to help the team be stronger and even more bonded, Romy was an easy choice for captain by her teammates.  Romy was happiest covered with mud after a great shooting practice, and her fabulous diving saves made each game of power and finesse last far longer than it should have.  We will miss her dearly next year, and wish her all the best as she heads on to college. (Cooper)

Eloise Berlandi -- I'm not sure that anyone worked harder than Eloise, and weren't we delighted when she made the GVS squad as an upper mid.  We will never forget her rosie cheeks, her huge boot from the back, or the day she lost her earring on our torn up field.....and we found it!!!  Eloise, you bring joy and light to all who are able to spend time with you, and we will be forever grateful for the positive energy and committed work ethic you brought to games and practices for the last two years.  Thank you for helping to lead us through our most unusual season!  Go well, and please, please stay in touch! (Cooper)

Devin Goldstein -- Watching Devin's confidence grow over her time on the girls' varsity team was a delight!  Streaking down the right wing, Devin scored some beautiful goals for us over the years, none prettier than a one time volley we can all still clearly see as we won the day on Hoyt Field last year.  Light on her feet and quick with the ball, Devin worked hard day in and day out, and helped to set the pace in this unusual year for our new players who have yet to see what it means to play in our competitive league.  They will all be better for the ways Devin challenged them to compete, and compete hard, this past fall.  We'll miss you, Devin.  Go well! (Cooper)

Eve Kantaros -- Well, Eve, was supposed to have a storied soccer career at Hotchkiss, but two ACL tears and surgeries later, we were thrilled she could finally join us, if only for the remarkably strange season we all went through this fall.  At first we coaches felt sad to know what we had missed out on as we saw her talent and grit, but why do we play if not to have fun, and that is what Eve did this past fall.  She worked hard, competed hard, and helped set the bar for our very young team.  We only wish we'd had more time with you, Eve, but thank you for all you brought to the GVS squad this year!  Go well! (Cooper)

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