Senior Tributes: Track and Field

In recognition of the contributions our graduating seniors have made to our athletic programs, we offer these tributes from our coaches and some of our upper mids on each varsity team:

Ella Anthony:  Ella brought athleticism and enthusiasm in her one year with the program.  She will be missed next year. (Head Coach Nate Seidenberg)

Courtney Contiguglia: Courtney was a solid four-year varsity runner.  She was an excellent captain, bringing a cheerful attitude down to the track.  She will be missed. (Seidenberg)

Ali Fatty-Branch: Ali was a good contributor to our hurdles squad in her first real year with the program.  She will be missed. (Seidenberg)

Fanny Gunn:  Fanny was the bedrock of our pole vaulting crew this year and an excellent leader.  She will be hard to replace. (Seidenberg)

Rachel Mokriski:  Rachel set an impressive tone to the sprinters this spring.  She was one of the most dedicated runners we had.  She will be missed. (Seidenberg)

Olivia Mooney:  Olivia provided us with solid leadership among the sprinters this year.  She will be missed next year. (Seidenberg)

Kim Pothemont:  Kim was a solid contributor in her one year with the track team.  She will be missed. (Seidenberg)

Nadia Puente:  Nadia was a strong leader for the team and the throwers in particular.  She will be sorely missed next season. (Seidenberg)

Simone Straus: Simone was a solid addition to the team this Spring.  She brought a solid work ethic to the program. (Seidenberg)

Ashley Williams: Ashley was a nice addition to our sprinters this season.  She will be missed. (Seidenberg)

Braden Barlow: Braden was a great addition to our throwing team this season.  We will miss him next year. (Seidenberg)

Jon Coffy: Jon became an integral part of our 4x100m relay and our throwing team this season.  We will miss him next year. (Seidenberg)

Charlie Comfort: Charlie was one of the hardest working and most dedicated members of the track team this spring. (Seidenberg)

Campbell Herring: Campbell gave us continuity and great leadership.  He will be missed after four years with the program. (Seidenberg)

Bodie Molnar: Bodie was the bedrock of our boys’ sprinters this season.  He ran one of the fastest times in the 400m at Hotchkiss in some time.  He will be sorely missed. (Seidenberg)

Aidan Rodgers: Aidan worked hard and was an important part of our sprinters this spring.  We will miss him. (Seidenberg)

Luke Stennet:  Luke was a strong presence with our throwers in his first year with the program.  He modeled a strong work ethic. (Seidenberg)

Mwicigi Wainaina: While struggling with injuries, Mwicigi brought enthusiasm down to the track every day. (Seidenberg)

William Wildish:  William will be missed after provided four solid years of javelin for our program.  He was a solid captain. (Seidenberg)

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