Senior Tributes: Wrestling

In recognition of the contributions our graduating seniors have made to our athletic programs, we offer these tributes from our coaches and some of our upper mids on each varsity team:

Blaise Fleury: In some ways, Blaise is the odd man out for us.  He came to us as a new 11th grader, with a ton of athletic potential but zero wrestling experience.  In the last two years, Blaise has found his place on the team as a fun-loving, energetic, and competitive wrestler.  His is a less visible leadership role, but he performs an important service helping to boost the morale of the team with his good humor and consistently upbeat personality. (Head Coach Cooper Puls)

Aidan Huber: Aidan has a great energy about him that helps get kids going in practice and in the weight room.  He missed a big chunk of last season with a wrist injury, and a big chunk of this season because of being off-campus, but he's dropped right back into the swing of things since coming back in February.  He's friendly and competitive, and helps motivates younger kids to do their best and work hard every day. (Puls)

Alec Stern: Alec is a quiet and confident leader.  He's developed so much since he first showed up as a 10th grader, unsure if he even wanted to wrestle.  He brings humor to every practice, and his knowledge and experience make him a mentor for his younger teammates. (Puls)

Simone Straus: Simone is the most intense, focused, and coachable athlete that I've worked with in my time on the wrestling team.  Few kids that I've coached have her drive to achieve her goals, and she manages to do it all with a smile on her face and a kind word for all of her teammates.  In a historically male-dominated sport, she's carved out a place for herself and shown other girls the way forward. (Puls)

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