Senior Tributes: Boys Basketball

In recognition of the contributions our graduating seniors have made to our athletic programs, we offer these tributes from our coaches and some of our upper mids on each varsity team:

C.J. Mitchell -- C.J. is a four-year Varsity Scholar Athlete and has contributed to the program’s success in immeasurable ways. Over the years he has developed leadership skills that have earned him the honor of being named captain. He has led by example and his presence will be missed on and off the court. We are very proud of C.J.’s growth and contributions. (Head Coach Yassine Talhaoui)

Aidan Rodgers -- Aidan is a three-year senior and co-captain, and has instilled in others the necessary work ethic to succeed on and off the court. From the day he arrived on campus, Aidan has helped elevate our program and continues to challenge himself and others day in and day out. We are very proud of Aidan’s growth and contributions. (Talhaoui)

Jonathan Coffy -- Jonathan is a three-year senior has contributed in significant ways during his time at Hotchkiss. His unparalleled athleticism, drive to improve, and contributions off the court will be missed sorely. During his senior year in particular he has made it a point to mentor young scholar athletes.  We are very proud of Jonathan’s growth and contributions and look forward to seeing him compete at the collegiate level. (Talhaoui)

Max Grossman -- Max is a four-year varsity scholar-athlete who has adapted to challenges in exemplary ways. Max is one of the most well-rounded scholar athletes to come through program and his contributions on and off the court have left a real mark in our community. His positive attitude and presence will be missed. We are very proud of Max’s growth and contributions. (Talhaoui)

Langston Harris -- a four-year senior, Langston is the definition of a well-rounded scholar-athlete. His attitude, his work ethic, and camaraderie contributed to the team’s success and locker room culture in remarkable ways. His presence will undoubtedly leave a void. We are very proud of Langston’s growth and contributions. (Talhaoui)

Jack Molloy -- rarely do you encounter a one-year scholar athlete who has the ability to acclimate and transition to a new environment so seamlessly. Despite the COVID challenges and lack of season, Jack’s commitment to improving his athletic abilities while managing a challenging course load never wavered. We wish we had more than one year with Jack and appreciate his remarkable contributions in his season with us. (Talhaoui)

Nico Petersik -- Nico, a three-year senior, has been a real anchor on this team. Consistent day and day out, he has brought a relentless work ethic and positive attitude to this program. His presence will definitely be missed and we are incredibly proud of his overall accomplishments here at Hotchkiss. (Talhaoui)

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