Senior Tributes: Volleyball

In recognition of the contributions our graduating seniors have made to our athletic programs, we offer these tributes from our coaches and some of our upper mids on each varsity team:

Ashley Kase – Ashley made notable imprints on all three of her varsity seasons. A gifted leader, she consistently looked out for every teammate, always showing great empathy, creating a welcoming and inclusive culture. Her strong and steady play kept Ashley on the court in her first two seasons (when not concussed). She willingly jumped into any position with good nature and effective skill. I am so very proud of the extra effort Ashley made in her senior year as a captain and teammate to build a unified and happy team, and only wish there had been the opportunity to have had matches in her final season. We are grateful for her devotion to the sport and the team and will miss her positive attitude. (Head coach Christie Rawlings)

Atalia Navarro – For the past two seasons Atalia’s presence in the field house was felt by every team member and coach. Her unwavering sunny attitude and brilliant smile set the tone. In addition, Atalia’s work ethic was matched by the joy she derived from playing the game. We will miss her contributions to the back row. We are proud of all she gave to the team, and though there is regret that our time together this fall was without competitions, we are glad to know she will have the opportunity to wear a Hotchkiss Jersey in Ultimate competitions! (Rawlings)

Mary Papadopoulos – Mary is a four-year mainstay of the Varsity Volleyball Team. Her unwavering commitment to the team earned her a captainship where she worked dutifully every day to build unity and create a fun (and competitive) experience for all the girls. Mary’s volleyball skills improved immeasurably in her first two seasons. While a knee injury took her out of the rotation in her upper mid year, her commitment to rehabilitating her knee was most impressive. It is remarkably disappointing that this season did not give Mary the opportunity to showcase that hard work in competitions. We are grateful for her contributions and proud of her commitment to the team. (Rawlings)

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