Senior Tributes: Girls Hockey

In recognition of the contributions our graduating seniors have made to our athletic programs, we offer these tributes from our coaches and some of our upper mids on each varsity team:

Lizzie Burke -- Since the moment Lizzie arrived as a Hotchkiss Bearcat, she has made meaningful contributions to the team and the community. Her grit, relentlessness, and knack for the net made us a better hockey team, and her steady, stellar character gave us more than goals and backchecks ever could. Her willingness to push herself, push others, and mentor younger student-athletes was a tremendous gift to the team and the school, and there's no question her college teammates are getting an outstanding friend, player, and leader in Lizzie. She will be greatly missed! (Head Coach Corey Cooper)

Morgan Carr -- Morgan's kind-hearted enthusiasm and endless desire to help have made going to hockey even more fun than it was before she joined us last year. With grace and class, Morgan greeted other teams, filmed all of our games, and was a consummate professional all around the rinks. She will be greatly missed. (Cooper)

Kate Donahue -- We want to thank Donny for all that she has done for the Hotchkiss Hockey program. Her positive spirit, thoughtful kindness, and hardworking dedication contributed much throughout the years. We will miss watching her play with her characteristic grit and tenacity, but know she has awesome things ahead of her. She will be greatly missed. (Cooper)

Maggie Hatch -- Hatcher's contributions to the Hotchkiss Hockey team and the Hotchkiss community are unrivaled. She's been such an important member of both the team and community, but words cannot express how grateful we all are to have had the opportunity to work with her, learn from her, watch her lead her peers, and see her guide younger student-athletes. Her tremendous work ethic, outstanding integrity, and ceaseless dedication made the team and the school a better place every day. She will be greatly missed. (Cooper)

Caroline Keswin -- What a lucky thing it has been for this team and program to have had Kesser / Dangle-sesh / Ms. Light-the-Lamp as one of its ambassadors, one of its leaders, and one of its mentors of younger players. She has helped so many of her teammates find their way at Hotchkiss, she has scored BIG time goals, and she has come each day ready to work hard. We wish her all the best. She will be greatly missed. (Cooper)

Nadia Puente -- Nadia's ceaseless dedication and hard work over the last two years has made everything about being a Hotchkiss Hockey player and coach so much easier. Her sticky note pump-ups, candy surprises, and the Golden Goggles will all go down as some of the most thoughtful contributions to the team's daily goings on. She will be greatly missed. (Cooper)


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